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Election 2016 2015-08-13
Election 2016
Who is the best choice president for election 2016? 2016-08-01
<img src=“https://s32.postimg.org/l3e42oys5/trump_vs_clinton.jpg”/>
Trump Deserted By Partners as Immigrant Furor Grows - Is it game over? 2016-08-13
<img src=https://s10.postimg.org/ivwy020o9/Donald_Trump_Iowa_REUTERS_800x430.png/> The b...
President 2016. Who are you going to vote for? 2016-09-10
Who will you most likely vote for in November
Should Syrian Refugees Be Let Into The U.S.? 2016-10-13
Should Syrian Refugees Be Let Into The U.S.?
2016 U.S. Presidential Election 2016-11-08
2016 U.S. Presidential Election
Who are you voting for? 2016-11-08
Trump or Clinton?
Prison Rights in the US 2001-09-20
Should prisoners in US prisons have rights
Sexuality 2004-03-24
I'm trying to determine the different groups who support and oppose various 'gay movements,' so I...
The Presidents since F.D.R. 2012-02-07
In your opinion, who was the best and worst presidents who have served since 1945, the Year that ...
Surrveillance and spying on citizenz by security agencies 2013-06-20
Recently there have been revelations that NSA (national security agency) has been secretly record...
Biggest pussies in WW II 2015-11-18
Which country fought worst in last World War?
Just Days Away 2016-01-29
Iowa Caucus
The Aftermath 2016-11-17
Tuesday's Presidential election.
The Attack on Iraq 1998-12-17
In the early morning, President Clinton ordered the air attack of Baghdad as a surprise response ...
Vote for the second millenium personnalities and event! 2002-12-16
A poll on history, politics but also, music, science and others!
Should Women be Sent into Combat? 2003-02-09
With war looming the question remains: should women be sent into combat? The two main argument...
Donald Trump for President 2008 2006-03-07
The United States is a bureaucratic nightmare and completely dysfunctional. Note: Katrina, the ...
Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism 2006-07-29
Unlike most people, I find myself somewhat in favor of such an idea. Lower crime rates, lower inc...
Most stupid countries 2008-05-22
Most stupid countries
Religion and politics 2008-10-31
questions on your religion and politics.
communism 2012-01-13
Israel, Palestine, Jews, Antisemitism Poll 2013-01-02
Whos side are you on? Big poll about Jews, Israel and antisemitism.
should Gay marriage be legalized in all fifty states 2015-02-17
should Gay marriage be legalized in all fifty states
Are girls less worthy than men? 2016-10-28
Even presidential candidates are talking about taking girls as objects. Are girls of less values ...