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Prospects for a Philippine Military Regime 2012-02-28
This online survey aims to determine whether the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will be ab...
Obama's Performance as President 2012-03-02
This poll is for a school government project. The purpose is to get an idea of the general publi...
The National Debt. 2012-03-23
Currently The US Federal Government is over $15,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. Out of every dollar t...
The National Debt--Part 2 Where to make the cuts. 2012-03-26
If you are one of many who believe that the National Debt is out of control and needs to be cut, ...
Should one-term presidents continue to receive government pay? 2012-04-09
Should one-term presidents continue to receive government pay?
How much government is too much? 2012-04-13
Let's say there were three buttons on your desk in front of you, and you had to choose one of the...
Which is the most polite nation? 2012-04-23
Which is the most polite nation?
President Obama's overall job performance: EXCELLENT? GOOD? FAIR? or POOR? 2012-04-23
Rating Obama's overall job performance for the entire period of his presidency (from Inauguration...
Obama vs Romney 2012-05-18
This poll is designed to find which candidate is currently favored and why.
US Constitution: 2nd Amendment--The Right to Bear Arms. 2012-05-24
THE 2ND AMENDMENT: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free sta...
What Political Party do you Support 2012-05-29
A poll to determine the support of the major and larger minor political parties in the United States
Do you support the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.? (U.S. citizens only) 2012-06-01
Asking whether or not you support the legalization of marijuana, and related questions.
The Buck Stops Where? On Bush or Obama. 2012-06-04
As we approach the 2012 Presidential election, there are still questions on who is responsible fo...
Voting Rights or Voter Fraud. 2012-06-20
There has been considerable controversy in regard to who can vote and what qualifies a person to ...
Obamacare 2012-06-29
Who agrees that Obamacare is a good thing?
As we all know by now, the nine Supreme Court members have made their decision.
How should we pay for healthcare? 2012-07-03
How should people pay for their health care? As and when, insurance, taxes, what? Note that none ...
continuing to open Washington up to her people 2012-07-11
Would you support a 28´th amendment to the constitution banning backroom deals
Who do you want to win the 2012 Presidential Election? 2012-07-12
If you have complete power, who would you choose as president out of all the parties?
Bring Back The Military Draft? 2012-07-17
Bring Back The Military Draft?
Political compass 2012-08-28
Please complete the following test to continue; http://www.politicalcompass.org/test
election 2012 congress and the states 2012-08-28
a look at the opinions of voters in the election for congress and the state houses
What color are Obama's panties? 2012-09-14
Just curious. He's ovbiously a spineless little weasel. So I assume he wears panties. So what ...
Obama Or Romney 2012-09-14
Obama Or Romney
Do you think there should be a law banning firearms from citizen use and possess 2012-09-25
Do you think there should be a law banning firearms from citizen use and possess