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2012 Presidential Election 2010-05-13
Make your voice be heard and vote wisely! This poll will show what the results of the 2012 Electi...
Is using a flag as a representation for a language insulting? 2010-05-17
Is using a flag representing a country insulting to use as a representation for a language on a w...
Are you Rated R or a member of the nWo (New World Order) ? 2010-05-29
Do you believe in a Rated R America for liberty and freedom, or do you believe in being a slave t...
Who is the best member of the Obama cabinet? 2010-06-23
Who is the best member of the Obama cabinet?
Whould you vote for Barack Obama again??? (Voters only for Obama in 2008). 2010-07-05
This poll is for those who actually voted for Barack Obama in the Presidential Election of 2008. ...
You opinion of Andrew Jackson? 2010-08-21
What do you think of Andrew Jackson? He is one of the most controversial men in American History....
Abortion 2010-10-16
Who will you elect for president in 2012 2010-11-12
Who would you elect for president in 2012
DEMOCRACY 2011-02-20
Just a quick poll about democracy. Please don't try to look up the answers, just tell us what you...
what would you have prefered that happened to Hitler? 2011-03-16
If you could have choosen what would you have prefered that happened to Hitler?
Privacy and surveillance 2011-03-21
This survey is part of my research for my graphic design project on privacy and surveillance, ple...
Political Attitudes and Terminology 2011-04-08
I believe words should be used properly (according to their meaning). Rightist doesn't necessaril...
Political Systems 2011-04-16
All questions are regardless of what system is in place in your country, and for anyone to answe...
Is the President the Commander in Chief all the time, or only during War? 2011-04-22
Article 2, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states:<br /> <i>"The President sh...
Christians Take back your Country! 2011-04-23
It is time for Christians to take back the United States of America. If you believe "In God ...
NATO intervention in Libya 2011-04-29
NATO intervention in Libya
2012 Republican Primary 2011-05-16
Pick who you would vote for in each of the following primary scenarios.
1VOTE 2011-05-29
Equal Right's! Equal Pay! Equal Opportunity!
2012 Republican Primary 2011-06-08
2012 Republican Primary
Worst President Ever 2011-06-26
Worst President Ever
2012 Republican Primary 2011-07-27
Which 2012 Republican candidate contender would you want to run as the Republican nominee (either...
Would you support President Obama in 2012? 2011-08-06
Would you support President Obama in 2012?
2012 Presidential election 2011-08-14
Some questions on the upcoming presidential elections
Best U.S. President of All Time? 2011-08-14
Which is the best president on USA in history?
Where are you voting from right now? 2011-09-13
This poll is to see basically how many users from which country visit this site the most