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A special tax on corporate officials. 2013-04-15
I am thinking about running for Congress as an independent in 2014 because I feel that Democrats ...
Censorship 2013-04-16
Events in the News 2013-06-11
Events in the News
NSA Theme Song Poll 2013-06-11
Given the recent revelations about the National Security Agency's data-gathering activity, The Pu...
Americans are less likely to vote... 2013-06-20
Who would you be less likely to vote? (AMERICANS ONLY, please)
Who is the GOP's 2016 nominee? 2013-08-01
This is a poll asking what you think your prediction is for who the republican party will choose ...
Leadership 2013-09-09
Which skills and traits do you think are most important for leaders to have?
How should the US... 2013-09-23
It's entertaining enough.
USA vs Middle East 2013-09-23
USA vs Middle East
War in Iraq 2013-09-23
War in Iraq
The War In Iraq 2013-09-23
This poll is to take place in America between 2003-2007 to organize the opinions and views of the...
Obamacare Woes 2013-10-28
Obamacare Woes
wet omtrent alcohol/tabak 2014 2014-01-02
Bijna alle Nederlanders zullen het met mij eens zijn als ik zeg dat de nieuwe wet omtrent alcohol...
Log Cabin Republicans Poll 2014-02-16
You must be a Republican 18 or older and part of the LBGT community to take part in this poll. If...
Taiwanese independence or Chinese reunification? 2014-03-10
Taiwanese is not the official language nor will it become the official language. Taiwan is called...
Should children be in school 10hours a day? 2014-03-14
Michael Gove calls for ten-hour school days. What is your opinion?
Should the Egyptians regret the Arab Spring of 2011? 2014-04-28
I am doing a non-academic research on the Economics of the Arab Spring in Egypt. In economic ...
Same Sex Marriage 2014-08-18
"Render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and render unto God that which belongs to G...
Should Britain go to war? 2014-09-29
The people's referendum on whether or not Britain should go to war. We know how the MP's voted, n...
Political and economic beliefs 2014-11-04
What are your beliefs about how the world should be run politically and economically. There will ...
UK Politics 2014-11-24
UK Politics
Who do you think will win the 2015 UK General Election? 2014-12-04
Who do you think will win the 2015 UK General Election?
Guaranteed Income 2015-02-09
A GI would ensure that nobody lives below the poverty line and having positive impacts on health,...
UK Election 2015-05-04 (closed)
Who gets your vote ?
Is politics really personal after all. 2015-05-07
Most people tend to support the policies of the Democrats but they don’t seem to vote for them ...