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Obama IS here!! 2009-01-23
Obama is Now the president of the United States of America....... Do you think Change Has COME?!!...
Obama 2009-02-01
Did you vote for Obama?
Equality or Freedom? 2009-02-10
Would you like to live an equal society where everyone has the same opportunity , but you have ...
Is Obama a socialist? 2009-02-17
socialism:  Show Spelled Pronunciation [soh-shuh-liz-uhm] Show IPA Pronunciation –noun...
Party Crashing 2009-03-06
Pretend your party's gone to hell and you need to make a switch... which political party would ...
Obama, Worse president in American history? 2009-03-07
Is Barrack Hussein Obama already well on his way to becoming the worse president ever, His entire...
barack obama so far and so on 2009-03-28
a poll about how obama is doing so far as president
2012 possible presidential election candidates 2009-03-28
this is asking a bunch of questions about who you would vote for between the 2 candidates
who did you or would you have voted for in the past elections 2009-04-22
who would you have voted for in the elections
Should Marijuana be legalized? 2009-04-25
In the United States it is widely know that the prohibition of Marijuana has done more harm to th...
World human population 2009-04-28
Is the world human population not already greater than the carrying capacity of the Earth?
Do we need a military? 2009-05-01
Do you think that the United States of America should have a military?
Prejudice in the U.S. 2009-05-02
Express your thoughts on prejudice in the U.S.
What does a Typical Businessman Look Like? 2009-05-11
this poll is aimed at revealing characteristics of a typical businessman, beginning with their ap...
Should American led foreign coalition of soldiers stay in Afghanistan? 2009-05-11
Should American led foreign coalition of soldiers stay in Afghanistan?
Who to run in 12? 2009-05-22
Who do you want to see in the race in 12?
Rights to from 2009-05-24
As a human what rights do you have?
All About US History 2009-05-29
All About US History
Should the US destroy North Korea? 2009-06-09
Should the US destroy North Korea?
Global Financial Crisis 2009-06-12
In your opinion what is the biggest cause of the current global financial crisis?
Should Citizens Be Allowed To Vote At Age Sixteen 2009-06-13
Should Citizens Be Allowed To Vote At Age Sixteen
Who are the best current Leaders of Pakistan 2009-06-29
Who are the best Leaders of Pakistan. Everyone knows that it is Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah...
Texas Secession 2009-07-02
Should Texas be able to secede? If we tried, would you support us? Why or why not?
Questions about the queen and the British monarchy.
US Senators 2009-07-30
US Senators