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mike gravel vs. Ron Paul 2007-11-29
who you vote for if both were nominated in the 08 election? Mike Gravel Ron Paul
Lebanon Crisis 2007-12-06
The current situation in Lebanon is very unstable and no one really knows how the crisis could un...
Presidents 2007-12-06
The poll is about PRESIDENTS
Political Poll 2007-12-07
Clinton vs Bush 2007-12-07
This poll is about the differences between recent democratic and republican presidents. We wante...
Best President Ever 2007-12-27
Best President Ever
Democratic Candidates in 2008 2008-01-03
Democratic Candidates in 2008
Will your race or gender affect the way you vote? 2008-01-24
Will your race or gender affect the way you vote?
Hilary Clintons Shrill Cackle 2008-02-08
Does Hilarys laugh Bother you?
Does The United States Need A New Foreign Policy? 2008-02-15
It seems that more and more countries are starting to dislike the U.S. foreign policy, it seems t...
Ron Paul v. John McCain 2008-03-01
Texas Representative Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX) competed well with Arizona Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in...
International Trade 2008-03-04
Here are some questions concerning how global trade should be conducted.
Presidential Candidates 2008-03-09
Presidential Candidates
Why do you like Clinton? 2008-03-11
Why do you like Clinton?
view of America 2008-03-30
views of America
effects of British Empire 2008-03-30
was it good or bad?
Climate Change SOLUTIONS-10 questions 2008-03-31
What solutions should humanity be looking for?
George W. Bush Report Card 2008-03-31
Fill in the grades you think Bush deserves in the following areas:
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy 2008-04-04
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy is the title of a work by John Mearsheimer, the R. Wende...
For Republicans only please 2008-04-17
Do you agree with the statements below? Please only answer if you're a Republican, there is anot...
Think Americas ready for a women president? 2008-04-22
This is a poll to see which sex are more likely to vote for Hilary. Wether or not you think ameri...
Who should lead, the US or the European Union? 2008-04-23
Many people in the European Union seem to believe that the EU would be a better world leader than...
Who should be president 2008-05-16
Who should be president
Describe your politics 2008-05-22
Describe your politics
Gay Marriage 2008-06-07
I want your thoughts on gay marriage, particularly if you live in California.