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President2008 2007-07-22
THis is all about the presidential race.
Is Dick Cheney a Sith Lord? 2007-07-22
My brother brought it up the other day, and I think its a fair question.
Proper use of E-mail Addresses by City Government 2007-07-23
Should the collection, sharing and future use of e-mail addresses by municipalities be CLEARLY de...
Primarys are soon so lets get voting 3 2007-07-23
Vote in this poll. Maybe you can keep some one in.
How soon should Bush be impeached? 2007-08-08
There's no question that Emperor Bush should be canned, the only question is when.
Normalizing Relations with Cuba 2007-09-02
How do you feel about the US normalizing its political and economic relations with Cuba?
How much do you trust George W. Bush? 2007-09-10
To what extent can the President be trusted?
Pres Bush 2007-09-13
blah blah blah
Who do you like for president? 2007-09-13
Who do you think is the best canidate for president of the United States
The Primary 2007-09-24
Candidates are droping out so be on the look out for a smaller poll.
Zacarias Moussaoui 2007-10-02
Convicted of his involvement in the September 11th attacks, now spends 23 hours a day in an 8 by ...
Ron Paul vs. Hillary Clinton 2007-10-07
Let's pretend that it's Election Day, 2008 and Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton got their respective ...
Recycling 2007-10-18
How many people actually recycle?
Vice President Eastwood 2007-10-21
Clint Eastwood is a self-described libertarian. He has at times openly discussed his political p...
USA vs PRC (China) 2007-10-21
If China and America somehow got into a war with each other, who would win?
Middle East Conflict 2007-10-23
Poll about all of the recent conficts in the middle east.
worlds best military hardware 2007-10-26
in each catergory whats the best???
Democrats- what do you want? 2007-10-31
I'd like to get a feel for what Democrats want
Political catchphrases and slogans 2007-11-12
How many have you heard? This poll includes slogans and catchphrases from the US and Canada. Extr...
Democracy's greatness revealed. 2007-11-19
We Americans enjoy immense freedom of choice (that’s why the rest of the world hates us). We ca...
What makes a good leader 2007-11-19
Rate the importance of the following traits when considering a leader 10 being very important and...
God and reality 2007-11-27
Your ideas on god and evidence
Chavez Apology 2007-11-27
Do you think the Spanish King should apologize to Chavez?
Chavez 2007-11-27
The Spanish King told Chavez to Shut up in a recent sumitt of Latin Leaders
Support for the monarchy in Canada 2007-11-27
There is current debate over whether Canada should severe its ties to the British monarchy or to ...