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Working in the USA 2016-08-21
Working in the USA
Should Bush get Spanked? 2000-11-08
should Bush be spanked for his past or present actions?
NECN.com Poll: Supreme Court Decision 2000-12-11
On Monday, the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments that could mean an end to any further recoun...
Running for president 2000-12-13
who should be the president of the united states of America?
Catalyst Poll: Did you like Clinton? 2001-03-09
What are your thoughts on President Clinton?
The United States as a "Good Guy" 2001-11-10
In light of the September 11th Terrorist Attack, many people are suggesting that the United State...
Hillary Clinton Warmth, Sincerity and Honesty Poll 2001-12-18
Hillary Clinton is by most accounts highly intelligent. However, her warmth, sincerity and hones...
Capital Punishment-Yes or No??? 2002-04-15
Do you believe in capital punishment? Do you think that it is just? Please give you my answer for...
End Women's Suffrage? 2002-05-28
Even though I'm a guy, I believe that for society to move forward, we must end women's suffrage b...
Socialism or Capitalism 2002-08-07
If you had a choice of which type of government to live in, would you prefer Socialism or Capital...
best politic way to rule a country 2003-01-03
a quick way to see how the people think the best politic way is.
Military 2003-01-13
What do you think about the military?
America--The Best Country? 2003-03-25
Is America the best country in the world?
Your opinion is needed on Controversial issues 2003-09-08
What it says.... big, bad,controversial issues that everyone has a secret opinion on...voice your...
Introducing the Philippines presidential aspirants 2003-11-18
choosing the next philippines president is very hard to do... in helping others to decide, which ...
Your favorite president of the USA 2004-02-17
So who is your favorite president and why? This is for history buffs...
who would you rather have as president? 2004-05-05
who would you rather have as president?
Conservatives only 2004-05-18
A fwe questions on conservative trend
Should France lose its seat on the U.N security council? 2004-05-28
France has been untrustworth to the United States, Nato and the U.N, France is no longer the 5th ...
Getting Specific on Issues 2004-09-06
Pick the statement that most closely fits your opinion for the issue.
We were wondering, assuming you were lived in the United Kingdom, whether you would prefer to hav...
Where do you turn in a disaster? 2004-10-23
Who do you depend on, if you are a victim of a disaster.
The US Government in 2050 2005-01-09
Make these predictions about the US government in 2050:
UK Election Poll 2005-02-02
With the General Election coming up in under 5 months time, who do you feel most deserves governm...
Best Modern Era President 2005-04-16
Vote for the choice you like best below.