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Do you agree with the death sentence? 2014-05-27
Also known as the death penalty.
ISIS 2015-03-02
Who's the better feminist icon - Beyonce or Margaret Thatcher? 2015-05-19
Choose who you think has done more to further the the cause of women rights. Do you think it's th...
Why do you like Bernie Sanders? 2015-11-17
As a right-leaning independent, I do not see any reason to vote for Bernie Sanders. However, I am...
Moving Past the Conventions 2016-08-08
Moving Past the Conventions
Paul Manafort resigns from Trump campaign 2016-08-20
<img src=https://s3.postimg.org/4hagxaiwz/19_paul_manafort_donald_trump_w750_h560_2x.jpg/> ...
Should Bush get Spanked? 2000-11-08
should Bush be spanked for his past or present actions?
NECN.com Poll: Supreme Court Decision 2000-12-11
On Monday, the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments that could mean an end to any further recoun...
Running for president 2000-12-13
who should be the president of the united states of America?
Catalyst Poll: Did you like Clinton? 2001-03-09
What are your thoughts on President Clinton?
Are You Really in Terror? 2001-09-17
who are you & what is your current emotional response to the recent terrorist attack on Ameri...
The United States as a "Good Guy" 2001-11-10
In light of the September 11th Terrorist Attack, many people are suggesting that the United State...
Islamic Theocratic rulers of Iran 2001-12-12
Share your opinions on the almost 23 year-old theocracy.
Hillary Clinton Warmth, Sincerity and Honesty Poll 2001-12-18
Hillary Clinton is by most accounts highly intelligent. However, her warmth, sincerity and hones...
Socialism or Capitalism 2002-08-07
If you had a choice of which type of government to live in, would you prefer Socialism or Capital...
best politic way to rule a country 2003-01-03
a quick way to see how the people think the best politic way is.
Military 2003-01-13
What do you think about the military?
America--The Best Country? 2003-03-25
Is America the best country in the world?
Your opinion is needed on Controversial issues 2003-09-08
What it says.... big, bad,controversial issues that everyone has a secret opinion on...voice your...
Introducing the Philippines presidential aspirants 2003-11-18
choosing the next philippines president is very hard to do... in helping others to decide, which ...
Democrates or Socialist, Republican or Capitalist? 2004-02-02
Should Democratic Party be renamed to the Socialist Party, and the Rublican Party, the Capitalist...
Your favorite president of the USA 2004-02-17
So who is your favorite president and why? This is for history buffs...
who would you rather have as president? 2004-05-05
who would you rather have as president?
Conservatives only 2004-05-18
A fwe questions on conservative trend
Should France lose its seat on the U.N security council? 2004-05-28
France has been untrustworth to the United States, Nato and the U.N, France is no longer the 5th ...