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Undercover Chat room detectives 2003-10-07
The US government recently approved increasing funding for undercover chat room detectives to 12....
What are "Celebrities" for? 2004-01-28
What do you want to see from your favorite movie stars, musicians,or athelete.
Political systems 2004-09-15
I've got a list of a few political systems, and I was wondering about which people think is the b...
YOUR political orientation 2004-10-04
Choose the best political orientation in those...I've tried to put them in order from far-right t...
Military Branches Poll 2005-01-21
A poll about the military!
Poll on the religious right
Changing History 2005-10-03
If you could go back in time, you might want to change things. Now you can say what you want to c...
Who is the best elite military force? 2005-10-07
Which is the best of the best?
Fair Unbiased Political Poll 2005-11-14
WARNING: This poll is intended for Americans. But I don't mind if others take it also. For ea...
Same-sex marriage 2006-02-28
Republicans seem to think that same-sex marriage will hurt the institution of marriage.
Your Support for Abortion 2006-12-24
Please answer the following question on abortion. Please vote honestly and only once.
Where are you from? Are you in favour of maintaining the Union?
History of Socialism 2007-01-20
A few questions about the history of socialism
History of Genocides and Democides 2007-02-03
History has given us countless unfortunate examples of one people acting to eliminate another, an...
Do you hate Japan 2007-10-15
Do you hate Japan, on how they never admit that they were wrong in the past!! E.g. Never apologis...
Armenian Genocide 2008-04-24
The deliberate and systematic destruction of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire during...
Rule your country!! You decide! 2008-08-12
How would you run your own country? Theres plenty of options to chose from, You say it.
Gaby & Keren's Poll 2008-10-09
A poll that questions your stance on political issues. Mmmmkay!
Monarchy Now? 2009-02-17
Would you accept a monarchy? Not a dictatorship, mind you, but rather, a monarchy, a king, a pri...
Should Muslims in America be placed in Internment Camps if.. 2009-11-04
Should Muslims in America be placed in Internment Camps if..
If this is the scenario in 2012, who has your vote? 2010-01-06
If this is the 2012 election scenario, will you support Bobby Jindal or Barack Obama?
Why do you support or oppose a party 2010-09-18
The purpose is to see how people see parties as positive or negative.
Would You Push the Button? 2011-04-23
Leonard Read made a speech in he said if there was a button on the podium in front of him that wo...
Barack Obama's Presidency 2011-11-09
Barack Obama's Presidency
Health Care Act and Church Attendance 2012-02-13
I have wondered if there is a correlation either way between church attendance and support for or...