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What is your position on gay marriage? 2006-07-14
The issue of gay marriage has been highly contentious as of late. This poll should give a more ac...
History of Socialism 2007-01-20
A few questions about the history of socialism
Would any of these deter you? 2008-07-19
I am gay, atheistic, have a prince albert piercing, the tips of my hair are dyed purple, and I'm ...
Rule your country!! You decide! 2008-08-12
How would you run your own country? Theres plenty of options to chose from, You say it.
Gaby & Keren's Poll 2008-10-09
A poll that questions your stance on political issues. Mmmmkay!
Should Muslims in America be placed in Internment Camps if.. 2009-11-04
Should Muslims in America be placed in Internment Camps if..
If this is the scenario in 2012, who has your vote? 2010-01-06
If this is the 2012 election scenario, will you support Bobby Jindal or Barack Obama?
Why do you support or oppose a party 2010-09-18
The purpose is to see how people see parties as positive or negative.
Would You Push the Button? 2011-04-23
Leonard Read made a speech in he said if there was a button on the podium in front of him that wo...
Barack Obama's Presidency 2011-11-09
Barack Obama's Presidency
Health Care Act and Church Attendance 2012-02-13
I have wondered if there is a correlation either way between church attendance and support for or...
Syrian intervention 2012-03-05
Syrian intervention
Presidents 2012-09-25
Who was the Worst President of the United States? 2012-12-04
Who do you think was the worst President of the United States?
Democracy - best type of democracy 2012-12-18
What is the best type of democracy?
Is He? 2013-01-25
Is Barack Insane O'Bummer a: a) Communist b) Socialist c) pathological Liar
OBAMA NATION 2013-02-11
America vs Russia 2014-03-03
I'm talking about the New Cold War.
Do you agree with the death sentence? 2014-05-27
Also known as the death penalty.
ISIS 2015-03-02
Who's the better feminist icon - Beyonce or Margaret Thatcher? 2015-05-19
Choose who you think has done more to further the the cause of women rights. Do you think it's th...
Why do you like Bernie Sanders? 2015-11-17
As a right-leaning independent, I do not see any reason to vote for Bernie Sanders. However, I am...
Moving Past the Conventions 2016-08-08
Moving Past the Conventions
A Little Bit of Everything 2016-08-13
A Little Bit of Everything
Paul Manafort resigns from Trump campaign 2016-08-20
<img src=https://s3.postimg.org/4hagxaiwz/19_paul_manafort_donald_trump_w750_h560_2x.jpg/> ...