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Simple (yes/no) Ethical poll 2004-09-28
In this poll you will answer to simple questions.
Election 2008 -- The Road to the Whitehouse 2008-09-20 (closed)
This poll (started Sept. 20) will identify trends of different voters.
Is the constitution a living document? 2011-01-07
Many individuals believe that the U.S. constitution evolves and can change along side the shiftin...
Obama as 44th President 2008-11-06
Obama as 44th President
IS * BUSH * GOING * TO * HELL ? 2003-11-03
George Bush has started a phoney War for OIL In IRAQ that has killed Thousands of people. Bush...
Mainstream Politics Returns with LordVoo - The Dungeon - Year-End Awards 2014!!! 2015-01-02 (closed)
THIS IS OUR YEARLY AWARDS POLL!!! You know what to do - about 50 or so questions! The poll will r...
Vice-President 2008 Republican 2008-01-25
Who do you want to be nominated for republican Vice-President? (Republicans only)
Who will be president of JRMS 2008-2009? 2008-09-14
Which candidate will you vote for to become president of JRMS 2008-2009?
America Votes 2008 2007-02-28
Election 2008 Predictions
Presidential Election Favorite 2008-02-08
Religion and politics 2008-10-31
questions on your religion and politics.
Do you believe in universal healthcare? 2009-08-03 (closed)
Do you believe in universal healthcare?
Who was the Worst President of the United States? 2012-12-04
Who do you think was the worst President of the United States?
Was the atomic bomb a good idea??? 2002-03-04
Was the atom bomb something we should have done?
2008 Elections 2008-02-05
Who would you vote for?
Obama Poll 2009-01-04
A detailed look at how excited people are about the coming Obama Presidency.
Should Canada join together with the USA??? 2002-02-27
I would like to know some reasons as to why or why not as well!
Arizona Immigration Law 2010-08-25
Arizona Immigration Law
Police Use of Restraints 2011-08-08
How should the police enforce the use of handcuffs, legirons, etc.?
Jerry Brown 2011-08-23 (closed)
Humorous poll on Jerry Brown's Performance as Governor
Gay Marriage 2011-11-18
I'm a high school student and for my Civics assignment I have to create a poll on a controversial...
Political Poll 2017-02-01
Political Poll
Presidential Poll 2008-06-27 (closed)
Presidential Poll
Death Penalty 2009-09-23 (closed)
Where do you stand on Capital Punishment (Death Penalty)?
What do you think of the different U.S. political parties? 2012-01-06
Asking about the two main U.S. political parties (Democratic and Republican) and the three major ...