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Which country would YOU support? 2008-03-30
pick which country YOU would support if there was a war
should tobacco be illegal ? 2009-02-10
Do you think that the government should put a ban on the distribution of tobacco throughout the u...
Mainstream Politics 2008 Awards Poll - Part 2 2009-01-03 (closed)
This is an extended Poll to the Mainstream Politics 2008 Awards Poll. Some chatters wanted more ...
Brief Political Poll 2009-12-11
This brief poll is designed to get some basic information on how people feel regarding some hot-b...
Who's Supporting Ron Paul? 2007-12-10
I'm a huge Ron Paul supporter, and I keep reading about how diverse his supporters are. Is that ...
Will you vote for Sarah Palin if she runs in 2012 2009-11-22 (closed)
About Sarah palin
Obama or Hitler 2008-10-29
Which is more likely to bring a nation to ruins? OBAMA HITLER
Worst US president (round 2) 2010-07-26 (closed)
I made an earlier poll of who people thought was the worst president ever. Obama and Bush got an...
West Boylston May 2016 Poll 2016-05-08
General poll regarding local affairs.
The BIG Questions about Barack Obama 2009-01-19
Will he or won't he? You decide.
George W. Bush Report Card 2008-03-31
Fill in the grades you think Bush deserves in the following areas:
Who was the most murderous leader in recent History? 2008-04-24
Who was the most murderous leader in recent History?
How do you think Obama's doing? 2009-08-15
How do you think Obama's doing?
Political and Moral Issues 2003-08-19
This poll on political and moral issues was created and brought to you by the Ol' Buffalo Issues ...
How is Barack Obama doing in office? 2010-02-20
What is the president of the United States approval ratings?
Do You Think Doctors that Make $$ from Prohibition and Oppose 203 are Unethical? 2010-09-27 (closed)
Drug Treatment Centers make Millions Of Dollars per Year with court mandated "Treatment"...
Upcoming 2012 US Presidential Election 2012-08-10 (closed)
Upcoming 2012 US Presidential Election
A Government Run By Women 2004-03-08
Would you accept and support a government completely run by women?
2008 Presidential Election 2008-09-18 (closed)
Who so want to be president?
Birthers 2009-09-06
Romney/Paul vs. Obama/Biden 2012-01-12 (closed)
If the election were held tomorrow and the options were a Romney/Paul ticket or an Obama/Biden ti...
Some say Trump supporters are dumb, do you agree? 2016-10-05
<img src=https://s17.postimg.org/atx6ehqxr/n_TRUMP_RALLY_628x314.jpg/>
What do Americans think about other countries? 2010-03-27
What do Americans think about other countries?
2012 Presidential Election 2012-03-27
2012 Presidential Election
08 Presidential Race 2007-03-08
This is a pre poll of the 2008 election with some of the top candidates included.