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Sexuality 2004-03-24
I'm trying to determine the different groups who support and oppose various 'gay movements,' so I...
Mainstream Politics Returns with Lord Voo 2010 Award Poll 2010-12-24 (closed)
Here we have it again - our year-end poll! This time, however, will be a bit different in that y...
Who Is Your Presidential Nominee For 2012? 2012-02-06
Who Is Your Presidential Nominee For 2012?
Best American President 2005-06-24
This poll is to find out who you think the greattest American President. There are some question...
US Currency - US Citizens only please 2008-06-17
What do you think about American money?
Barrack Obama or John McCain 2008-10-06
Who will you like to become President from January 20 2008 to January 20 2013 John Sidney McCain ...
Was Obama born in America? 2009-08-04
Was Obama born in America?
2012 President??? 2010-06-16 (closed)
Who do you want to become the next US president?
Do you hate Japan 2007-10-15
Do you hate Japan, on how they never admit that they were wrong in the past!! E.g. Never apologis...
Policy Priorities 2008-05-13
Without regard to any candidate, which issues would you like to see the next President and Congre...
Speed Limits in the U.S. 2008-06-04
With higher gasoline prices in the U.S. the "drive 55" crowd is back in the news. Hill...
2012 Presidential Election 2010-07-01
2012 Presidential Election
Who would you vote for? 2007-12-07
If the US Presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?
Obama, Worse president in American history? 2009-03-07
Is Barrack Hussein Obama already well on his way to becoming the worse president ever, His entire...
How morally correct are you? 2004-04-19
How morally correct are you?
Test Poll 2009-12-11
Test Poll
US Presidential Election 2008 2008-04-09 (closed)
anything pertaining to the United States 2008 presidential election
Who would you vote for in 2012? 2008-11-09
Here you vote for the 2012 election in 2008!
Who you gonna vote for? 2008-05-16 (closed)
Okay, it's coming close, who are you rooting for, and hope to vote for come November?
War OF Iraq 2008-12-04
Tell me your views about the war
Barack Obama Vice Presidential selection 2008-03-01
If Barack Obama is the Democratic Presidential Nominee, who should his running mate be?
Presidential Election of 2012 2012-04-04
Presidential Election of 2012
Public Opinion 2013-02-05
A Poll for my AP Government Class
Which country would YOU support? 2008-03-30
pick which country YOU would support if there was a war
Which of the following is the worst US President? 2010-01-14
Which of the following is the worst US President?