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Baracka Obama or John McCain 2008-06-13 (closed)
Who would you rather have as your president?
Who are you going to vote for president 2008-09-11 (closed)
Who are you going to vote for president
Should American flags be made in America? 2008-07-19
I have found out that about 90% of American flags are made in China. I would like to know how the...
Occupying Wall Street 2011-10-18
Occupying Wall Street
FAFSA Independency Age (Of 24) Needs To Change!!! 2008-01-31
Now what is FAFSA? FAFSA is a federal program created to assist college students financially whil...
Is Obama a socialist? 2009-02-17
socialism:  Show Spelled Pronunciation [soh-shuh-liz-uhm] Show IPA Pronunciation –noun...
Should the USA stop policing the world? 2008-01-20
Would the United States be a better nation if it stopped policing the rest of the world?
Are you in favour of these political reforms? 2008-07-27 (closed)
With Great Britain heading for yet another recession, and deeply involved in yet another series o...
What are the most powerful armies in the world? 2007-04-21
Vote for who you think has the most capable army or alliance in each category!
McCain VS Obama 2008-07-17
McCain VS Obama
US Constitution: 2nd Amendment--The Right to Bear Arms. 2012-05-24
THE 2ND AMENDMENT: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free sta...
Scotland, Independence and the Union 2006-07-24
This poll is regarding the Union of Great Britain (and N.I), whether it holds any purpose in the ...
heres a historical poll talking about the greatest military strategists known in history (i've tr...
Do you support the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.? (U.S. citizens only) 2012-06-01
Asking whether or not you support the legalization of marijuana, and related questions.
USA vs PRC (China) 2007-10-21
If China and America somehow got into a war with each other, who would win?
Newt Gingrich for President? 2011-12-06 (closed)
Poll about Newt Gingrich's worthiness to be President of the United States.
How much should the government limit our freedom of expression? 2014-10-20
How much should the government limit our freedom of expression?
How many states does the US have? 2004-10-21
I hate Americans. They think that they rule the world with their currency, and their economy is o...
Most Hated Nation 2009-12-08 (closed)
Times change, nations too. Please let us know which country is the most hated.
Are Americans stupid - or does it just seem that way? 2003-09-29
Citizens, corporations and the government of the United States of America have made many positive...
Pro Choice Or Pro Life 2008-11-01
Pro Choice says a women should have a choice in whether she has an abortion or not. Pro Life say...
Who will you vote for in the year 2008 2008-09-22
Who will you vote for in the year 2008
Mainstream Politics Returns with Lord Voo Awards 2009 2009-12-21 (closed)
THIS IS OUR YEARLY AWARDS POLL!!! You know what to do - about 60 or so questions! The poll will...
Best President Ever 2007-12-27
Best President Ever
Blogger picks for Canadian Senate 2008-12-14 (closed)
Since PM Harper is going against his own preference of appointing Senators that were (somehow) el...