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Bp Oil Spill 2010-06-04
Bp Oil Spill
2012 Presidential Poll 2011-06-30 (closed)
A by the people poll with no political spin or agenda. A Poll by the people and for the people.
Judicial Corporal Punishment 2004-08-29
Do you think corporal punishment should be re-introduced into our judicial system? Express your...
should Gay marriage be legalized in all fifty states 2015-02-17
should Gay marriage be legalized in all fifty states
Best President Ever! 2004-04-19
Who is the greatest president in American history?
What do you think about Alec Baldwin's Impersonation of Donald Trump? 2016-12-08
<img src=https://s24.postimg.org/l427ngoh1/1475462158226.jpg/>
china vs russia. what america do? 2006-11-13
say china and russia go to war. who would america side with
Do you like Rush Limbaugh? 2005-12-26
i am curious to see how many people like listening to rush on the radio and why?
Which Party is to Blame? 2011-12-08 (closed)
Which Party is to Blame?
Impeach Congress 2007-07-20
Should the American People consider Impeaching (recalling) Congress? An amendment to the US cons...
COUNTRY POPULARITY-10 questions 2008-03-31
10 questions to determine country popularity
World Superpowers in 2050 2003-11-25
Which ones will have the most influence from these potential four superpowers in 2050
An Evil Politician Poll 2004-05-18
America has had some really evil politicians. Here are eight of them, in my opinion. Now, in your...
Punishment in Jail/Prison 2007-06-20
Breaking prison rules
Sarah Palin as President 2009-04-03 (closed)
We're asking our readers to participate in a poll about Governor Sarah Palin. We want to know wh...
Your favorite president of the USA 2004-02-17
So who is your favorite president and why? This is for history buffs...
Romney Vs. Obama 2011-12-06 (closed)
If the election were held today and the candidates were Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, w...
Impeach Obama 2009-02-13
If congress and the senate where to hold hearings to Impeach Barrack Obama from the president of ...
/r/Canada, where do you fit? 2010-04-26 (closed)
/r/Canada, where do you fit?
Election 2008 Poll 2008-04-24 (closed)
This poll is to help us understand the way that Obama and Clinton Supporters will vote in the upc...
The Alternative Election Show Poll 2010-04-24 (closed)
As part of the election coverage on May 6th, Channel 4 wishes to find out who Polish people, livi...
Obama's progress so far????? 2009-03-25 (closed)
Rate it...
Bush: War Criminal? 2008-07-08
Do you believe George Bush has committed war crimes?
Possible Presidential Candidates for the 2011 Elections 2010-10-15 (closed)
The following Nigerians have either spoken of their intention to contest for the office of Presid...
The Presidents since F.D.R. 2012-02-07
In your opinion, who was the best and worst presidents who have served since 1945, the Year that ...