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AP US History poll 2009-12-21 (closed)
Please take this poll for my history class.
Top Senatorial Candidates 2010-04-24 (closed)
Philippines Senatorial Candidates Saan ka? Sino boboto mo? at kanino ka?
Who do you want to vote for president? 2010-05-05 (closed)
Who do you want to vote for president?
Do you believe in the Constitution 2011-02-23 (closed)
Do you believe our Constitution is THE law of the land
Capital Punishment 2011-11-17 (closed)
your thoughts on capital punishment.
Rate the Most Effictive Speech for the 2012 Artistic Revolution! 2012-07-11
General Patton's War Speech Tomoe Gozen's Healing Humanity Speech Barak Obama's "I am taki...
A.F.I.P. Elections 2014-03-17 (closed)
Astral Fantasy Ink Productions Club's yearly elections are now. If you do not vote, you cannot co...
May the better Will Men Win?! 2014-04-03
Can a man get a better outcome for 50% of the Fairer Voters.
PALAZZETTO 2014-07-29
Apertura del palazzetto
Hostile Terrorist Situation the USA has to face 2001-09-29
This is a voting poll for the public...letting us know how we feel about the current tradgic even...
Political Preferences 2002-02-25
Please take a moment to vote in our unoffical poll!
Read my lips - #2 2002-03-07
Bush promised to cut taxes during his campaign. Now he caved in and agreed to protectionist anti-...
Left of the Year 2002 2002-11-22
Vote for the person that you believe made the greatest contribution to left wing politics in 2002
Trent Lott 2002-12-15
Trent Lott is coming under heat for a comment he made at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party.
The Economic Recovery of 2003 2003-07-16
This poll is designed to determine the level of confidence respondents have that the economy will...
Vote To Save Yellowstone's Life/Your Life Could Depend On It 2003-08-02
My poll has changed slightly since the 2004 election and some of the questions are no longer app...
New Jersey Independants most need to... 2004-01-13
This is to find out what New Jersey Independants - approximately 50% of all registered voters in ...
More Media Info From Brian Murphy 2004-06-11
A lot of you were not convinced by my last poll (or just weren't paying attention), but the media...
Veep Stakes 2004-07-01
Kerry Veep Stakes
U.S. Presidential election/political attitude survey (WORLD) 2004-07-07
NOTE - If you ARE a United States national (citizen or resident of the United States), please do ...
Does Edwards make a difference? 2004-07-10
Recently, Democratic candidate John Kerry chose Senator John Edwards as a running mate.
Is John Kerry Serious? 2004-08-29
<div style="background-color: red; border-top: 1px solid black; border-left: 1px solid bl...
Any Questions? 2004-09-01
Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Hammer Kerry on his Vietnam Service and his lies about his War Record.
The next step 2004-09-25
Gauging the opinion of online gunowners on which piece of legislation should be rolled back first...
What's Eating Massachusetts? 2004-10-07
Throughout this year's campaign for President, conservatives seem to always mention "Massach...