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Neil Bush, younger brother of GW 2005-01-09
How much do you know about Neil Bush? Have you read about his scandalous ways? All information ...
NZ Politics - Health and Education 2005-03-16
Election year this year. What are your views on health and education?
Random election questions 2005-07-08
Pick who would you vote for.
Rove-Gate 2005-08-10
It appears that someone in the White House leaked a covert agent's name. key words: Plame, Wilson...
William H. Rehnquist Judicial Activism Poll 2005-09-12
William H. Rehnquist was a Supreme Court Justice for 33 years. His death ends a remarkable 33-yea...
Got truth 2005-09-14
Hearsay, speculation. and out right lies to form an opinion on another human being
Cia Leak and Senate Showdown 2005-11-06
What is your opinion on the most recent developements in Washington?
Canadian Federal Election 2006 2005-12-31
A brief, anonymous poll to find who Canadians are supporting for the 2006 election.
Mark Warner for President?? 2006-01-09
Mark Warner (D, VA) has gotten a lot of positive press lately, especially from MSNBC.com. Before...
Bush's Wiretaps 2006-01-25
Questions to its legitity, purpose, covertness, and timing.
39th Canadian Parliament 2006-04-12
Post your opinions on the 39th Canadian Parliament.
Gas 2006-05-04
This is about Gas
When Democrats take over in November 2006-08-11
The mainstream media is pretty sure the Democrats will take over control of the House and Senate ...
"Questioning HIV/AIDS " 2006-08-29
This poll asks the general public what they know and have been told about HIV and AIDS. These Que...
National Election - May 2007 2007-02-17
Online Senatorial Election.
local politics 2007-03-25
are you apathetic?
Election '07 2007-05-18
Exit Poll: Who did you just vote for?
Khaleda & Hasina 2007-07-03
Khaleda Zia (61) heads the Bangladesh National Party (BNP). She is the widow of Ziaur Rahman, a g...
Informative Pamphlet - Colours, Texts, Pictures, etc. 2008-11-14 (closed)
Informative Pamphlet - Colours, Texts, Pictures, etc.
origanator Mock election of '08 2008-11-15 (closed)
origanator Mock election of '08
Manchester Middle Originator Mock Poll 2008-11-15 (closed)
The Machester Originator Mock Poll of Ben Doan ^_^
Originator Mock Election! :) 2008-11-15 (closed)
See title.
Stephanie's Manchester Originator Mock Election 2008-11-15 (closed)
Stephanie's Manchester Originator Mock Election
Vote to nominate Michelle Obama for the Dolley Madison Partnership Award 2009-07-17 (closed)
"BESIDE every GREAT man is a GREAT Woman" Dolley Madison used her Feminine influen...
High School Ahead SGA Voting 2009 2009-10-08
High School Ahead SGA Voting 2009