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Gray Davis Pardon Poll 2003-10-14
How many prison pardons to you believe Gray Davis, the departing governor of California will sell...
why waste eight good leaders? 2003-12-05
After the front-runner for Dems is determined , Find an appropriate cabinet position for the rema...
President & Issues in 2004 2004-01-07
This poll is about the important issues for 2004 and who should be president come the November el...
Democrats 2004 for President 2004-01-20
Which of the top democratic candidates will win?
America Votes 2004 2004-01-28
The Iowa Caucuses are done with a surprise victory by Democrat John Kerry. President Bush is set ...
Phoniest Demagogue 2004-02-17
Democratic candidates
Race for the White House 2004-03-05
Give your opinion on the campaign so far and what is ahead for the candidates in the 2004 Preside...
Kerry-Best canidate to vs. Bush? 2004-03-26
How do you feel about John Kerry?
C.T. Scanning for Profit 2004-03-30
Canadian poll for research on public opinion about for-profit C.T. scanning clinics
John Kerry, Whats Up? 2004-04-07
I would like to see what people really know about John Kerry.
John Kerry's War Record 2004-04-26
Lets see what you all REALLY know about John Kerry's war record in this quick poll.
The 2004 Elections (US residents only, please) 2004-04-28
Here's a chance for a dry run for the fall elections...
Vice President 2004 Election Poll 2004-05-03
October Surprise 2004-06-11
It is widely anticipated that the Bush Administration will orchestrate news events as the Novembe...
U.S. Presidential election/political attitude survey (USA) 2004-07-07
NOTE - If you are NOT a United States national (citizen or resident of the United States), please...
The 'War on Terrorism' 2004-07-18
This poll is to see where people stand on it: is it Just or Unjust?
Kerry Edwards 2004-07-21
George Bush vs John Kerry
Voting in America 2004-09-15
This is about voting.
ELECTION 2004 2004-10-01
More Electoral Votes: Bush or Kerry? 2004-10-13
An easy poll to predict who will win the most electoral votes in november.
Kerry and mentioning the vice-president's daughter 2004-10-21
See: title.
The Most Comprehensive 2004 Election Poll Online 2004-10-23
Well the title says it all.
Were you contacted by a pollster? 2004-11-05
During this presidential race we were bombarded by poll results. Who took part in them?
Correlation between the poor and the War in Iraq 2004-11-22
I am trying to discover if there exists a link between the soldiers in Iraq and their socio-ec...
Do you know your government? 2004-12-06
This poll will test your knowledge of our U.S. Government. Please answer questions based on your...