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A Stable Iraq 2007-04-03
The importance of leaving an Iraqi government that can defend itself.
Hillary Talk 2007-08-08
The Pentagon
Who should be the Fourth Prime Minister of the GU? 2008-08-07 (closed)
A project in school requires a fair election for the fake position of Prime Minister for the nati...
manchester originator mock poll ! 2008-11-13 (closed)
manchester originator mock poll !
General questions u sould be asked before u vote or run for president 2008-11-14
Just want to see wghat will happen
Manchester Originator Mock Poll: by Manuela M. 2008-11-15 (closed)
Originator Mock Election by Davis T. 2008-11-15 (closed)
Originator Mock Election by Davis T.
Inaugural Celebration 2008-11-26 (closed)
Given the ecomomic issues the country is facing, how would people feel if Obama simply was sworn ...
Would Hitler have used Drake in his back up bed pan division? 2009-10-08
Would Hitler have used Drake in his back up bed pan division?
Mock National Election 2010-08-21 (closed)
National Election for Year 11 IPT class
Malaysian PRU13 2013-04-29
Malaysian online pre-election before PRU13 on 5/5/2013. What is the trend for Peninsular Malaysi...
leaders debate 2015-04-06 (closed)
to find out what people in the uk thought about the leader debate
Mad Dog Kaine 2016-10-13
Monday's VP debate.
donald trump 2016-11-17
will Donald trump win
Adirondacks, Urban Forest? 2001-02-16
The Residents Committee to Protect the Adirondacks (RCPA) released a report on February 8, 2001 t...
Consciousnet Survey - October 2001 2001-10-10
The deeper causes of the September 11, 2001 disaster
The Media and the War 2001-11-09
The media have come under criticism for their coverage of the War on Terrorism.
Cheesy Cheney hides the truth? 2002-01-28
Should Cheney tell us the truth?
Tackle poverty - Uplift Humanity 2002-02-20
I can envision a world were everyone has a bed and everyone id fed. In that ideal place, humanity...
TREASON, yea or nay 2002-04-22
Cherokee leader cedes land in the year of 2002, circa 1835, Treaty Party Treasonist!
Did Rep. Traficant Get A Fair Shake? 2002-08-02
Congressman James Traficant of Ohio was expelled from the House of Representatives. Do you think ...
Vote for New York State Governor 2002-10-17
Thank you for coming.Please vote once for your favorite Governor.
Why does the US news media under-report some items? 2003-03-18
The US news media is downplaying many important issues, in particular the Bush budget and tax cuts.
colin powell 2004 2003-07-02
colin powell challenges bush.
Do you think taking away Overtime pay is justified? 2003-08-22
Just a simple question to find out how many people would like to see George W. Bush thrown outta ...