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What's the matter with Nader? 2004-12-20
Hi there, I am wondering why Nader receives so little votes, however stands on issues most americ...
The Tsunami 2005-01-11
Just checking all your veiws, in particular the americans who so far have donated less money than...
DNC Chaiman 2005-01-18
Who should it be.
State of the Union Address 2005-02-04
I want to hear how YOU reacted to the President's State of the Union Address.
Ward Churchill 2005-02-19
Just a couple questions
Cultural Tourism Survey 2005-02-19
Welcome and thank you for participating in my survey. I respect and assure your anonymity as i w...
Terri Schindler Watch 2005-03-29
There has been a rush to kill this woman. What do you think?
The New Democratic Leadership Poll 2005-04-21
A poll on your thoughts on how the new Democratic leaders, and the members of the party in genera...
How much do you love our king? 2005-05-31
Let's face it. This isn't a democracy any more. We Republicans have assumed control. So tell us ...
American Universities 2005-07-08
The big question for the 21st century is whether the American universities will go back to being ...
Presidente 2005-08-15
i would like to get the pulse of the people.
John Roberts Nominated for Supreme Court 2005-08-31
Judge John Roberts has been nominated to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Conn...
Dumbest Comment, Ever 2005-10-04
Not to be out-stupided by Kanye West, NY Dems went out of their way to make absurd soundbytes. W...
PlameGate and Israel 2005-10-20
Is the Miller mess due to the Times's pro-Israel bias?
Who is responsible for disaster relief efforts? 2005-11-09
Given the recent events, many Americans are questioning who exactly is responsible in the event o...
Should a non-racist Nationalism emerge in the U.S. 2005-11-19
Should a non-racist, non-socialist Nationalism emerge in the U.S. (please no tampering with the p...
Canada on the breaking point !! 2006-03-05
In 1995, Canadians were on the virge of having a heart attack because they didn't want to see the...
The Green Howards raised 1686 2006-04-07
Serving Soldier | Welfare & Family | Careers | News | Units | Deployments | Ceremonial ...
How much does America know about politics in general? 2006-06-12
This Poll is designed with Americans only in mind. If you are not from the United States of Amer...
Do you trust politicians 2006-06-17
This will ask a few quesions to see just who trusts whom.
Best election methods 2006-06-19
What are the best election methods? Pick all that apply...
Car owner's poll 2006-07-06
This poll is aimed at residents of the UK - so if you do not live in the UK please do not take pa...
New Jersey's U.S. Senate Election, 2006 2006-10-13
Vote for the candidate of your choice.
Long term Return on Educational Investment 2007-02-05
One of the major problems of investing in education on the federal level is that Presidents are o...
Al Gore, 2008? 2007-03-08
Will Al Gore run in 2008...? Would you vote for him?