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National Do Not Call Registry vs. Spamming 2003-11-24
I am a member of the Do Not Call Registry, which prohibits phone solicitations. Since this law ha...
do you think saddam will get the eletric chair 2003-12-17
do you think he will get it,not,maybe ordont know
Ohio 2004 2004-01-23
According to research, Ohio is the biggest of the three states that have correctly voted for the ...
Pre- New Hampshire Primary 2004-01-28
To vote who you want to win for the primarys
Democrat Candidates for President 2004-02-03
Which of the following democrat candidates for President flip/flops on the issues, and has "...
Al-Hurra? 2004-02-15
A satellite television station, called Al-Hurra (The Free One), financed by the U.S. government l...
Ralph Nader poll 2004-02-21
Many people think that if Ralph Nader had not run for president in 2000, Al Gore would be the pre...
At All Costs 2004-02-23
Why do Democrats vote the way they do?
What's Your Opinion? 2004-02-27
What do you think on various issues.
What Matters to You? 2004-03-03
This is a poll to determine what matters to you most in selecting a President. Please take a mom...
Libertarian Presidental/Vice Presidental poll 2004-03-30
All Libertarians can vote.
Arnold Governor 2004-04-19
nice last name
2004 and 2008 2004-04-24
This is a poll about the Presidential race now and in four years.
Bush and security 2004-05-18
What's important to you?
Campanign Lies 2004-08-13
We will vote for a President this november. Let's keep track of the truth.
Why are you voting for Kerry 2004-09-06
This poll is for people already voting for Kerry. A fanatical Bush supporter I know is concerned...
Where are the undecided's? 2004-09-20
Let's see how many people are undecided about the presidential election 2004.
Willing to give up reading about terror to end it? 2004-09-25
We could stop terrorism by simply not reporting about terrorist acts in the media. Well, big medi...
The Oil Poll 2004-09-25
This poll is all about Oil.
Vote Or Die 2004 2004-10-21
Vote. Make Sure Your Lips VOTE.
The state of politics in Australia 2004-10-21
Well, it looks like the Liberal party will control the senate this time around with the ALP slipp...
are you voting wisely? 2004-10-26
what's your opinion?
How did you vote? (USA, 2004) 2004-11-04
I am NOT asking who you voted for.
Kerry a disgrace 2004-11-05
Do you think John Kerry is a disgrace to our troops and vets?
Most obnoxious Political Leader 2004-12-12
Vote for most obnoxious