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Working in the USA 2016-08-21
Working in the USA
Is Nader cooler than Bush/Gore? (and other random thoughts) 2001-02-10
Just some random questions about Election 2000
Bubba v. Bush 2004 2001-05-20
After the fiasco of Election2000, Bush will face stiff opposition in 2004, virtually including Bu...
Bush Poll Questions That We Would Like To Here 2001-10-27
Do you feel that the press is not asking the right questions about Bush? Well we do and we ar...
Survey-Taking responsibility for the World vs. Taking 2001-11-26
I am currently enrolled in an argumentative writing class at Texas A&M University-Commerce...
Your views on George Bush's first year. 2001-12-13
I made this poll to get a sence of how the public feels our newly elected President, George W. Bu...
What About Da €uro? 2002-01-03
<b>So what do you think about the new €uro launched 01.01.12? Vote Here!</b>
Global Compact 2002-04-25
Have you heard of the Global compact?
Voting in The U.S.A. 2002-05-16
Please provide your beliefs on whether or not the need for a uniform election system outweighs st...
Your Job 2002-05-28
New Labour has introduced NMW, but have they done enough to protect Britains' workers?
Please answer the following:
NESARA Now! 2002-09-04
NESARA DISCLAIMER The "gag order" placed upon the National Economic Security And Ref...
2004 Election trial 2002-12-20
This is a poll to consider how screwed up the country may become in the next 7+ years.
Democratic Presidential Campaign 2004 2003-01-01
The following are likely canidates for the Democratic Nomination for President in 2004.
Conservatives--is logic defined as whining? 2003-01-14
Conservatives,lacking an extensive vocabulary,when confronted by logical truths,are irritated by ...
IRAQ 2003-02-07
Ok, we've got almost 250,00 U.S. troops in the Middle East. We've got some support from the natio...
Has Bush's diversionary tactics worked on you? 2003-03-18
While the public has been, understandably, distracted by talks of war and terrorism Bush has mana...
Democratic Primary 2003-05-30
Who would you vote for in the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary?
2004 Senate Poll 2003-07-24
If your state is electing a US Senator next year, I'd like to hear from you! If you're not sure ...
Hello. Make your vote for the upcoming Presidential Campaign. Vote For Jason!
California Recall Election 2003-07-29
Who should be the next Governor of California?
Which Democratic presidential candidate would you vote for? 2003-10-21
This poll was designed to find out, in your opinion, who you believe the best candidate for presi...
National Do Not Call Registry vs. Spamming 2003-11-24
I am a member of the Do Not Call Registry, which prohibits phone solicitations. Since this law ha...
do you think saddam will get the eletric chair 2003-12-17
do you think he will get it,not,maybe ordont know
Ohio 2004 2004-01-23
According to research, Ohio is the biggest of the three states that have correctly voted for the ...