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Questions for the Candidates 2004-10-07
The presidential debates is one time the candidates are forced to answer some tough questions. B...
<b>THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE</b>: Who won? 2004-10-07
Who was the victor in the first Presidential debate?
republican 2004-10-12
A single word that best describes a republican.
My little mini-election.... 2004-10-21
I personally think Bush should win, but I don't think he's going to. Here's my little mini-electi...
Almost Election Time 2004-10-26
Its close to election time. You should vote!!
Elections 2004-10-29
Who Do You Want To Win?
2004 election outcome: the mayhem and the madness 2004-11-07
We've learned from the 2000 election that there are more than 2 possible outcomes to any election...
cheer or cry as you discuss this year's election 2004-11-10
Remember, this is every bit as anonymous as the real election, so don't be afraid to tell the truth.
Most obnoxious Political Talking head 2004-12-12
Whom do you chose ?
Who did you vote for 2004-12-27
Who Did You Cast Your Ballot For? 2004-12-28
Considering all of the issues surrounding the 2004 election some of us would like to know who you...
Donald Rumsfeld 2005-01-03
Many feel that Rumsfeld should be replaced as secretary of defense. What do YOU think?
who should intervene in dafur region? 2005-01-07
who should intervene in dafur region?
Who Would Win 2005-02-18
Hypothetical fight examining who would be triumphant in a ruckus involving ex-president George B...
Presumptive 2008 Democratic Primary Candidates 2005-03-10
These are the list of people showing signs of running in 2008...minus Hillary Clinton. Who would ...
Arnold Schwarzeneger 2005-04-19
What are Arnold's public approval ratings?.
Democratic Primary 2005-04-21
These are the MOST LIKELY candidates for the Democratic Nomination.
Who Is Your Favorite Conservative? 2005-06-17
While all of us cherish every single person who describes themselves as a conservative, there are...
Bad Career Move 2005-10-08
Kate Moss snorting coke or the trailer for the documentary on the Kerry/Edwards campaign in 2004....
Cutting Social Programs for "Katrina" 2005-10-10
Is cutting social programs really necessary?
Politics of the NFL 2005-11-24
Should the NFL be subject to affirmative action quotas?
America 2005-11-25
National Security
Acme Liberation Front Poll 2005-12-12
ACME wants to know HOW would YOU fix the Southern Border Problem
State Tax Free Day 2005-12-24
This year Louisiana waived state taxes for Dec 16, 17, and 18. Was this a good idea?
Revolution 2006-03-22
The U.S. Constitution allows American citizens to revolt against their government if the governme...