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2011 Singapore Presidential Election 2011-08-24 (closed)
Who will you be voting for in the 2011 Singapore Presidential Election? Make your choice and forw...
Jerry Brown 2011-08-23 (closed)
Humorous poll on Jerry Brown's Performance as Governor
If Women Ran the World 2011-08-17
Typically in the history of the world, men have held the dominant position. How do you think the ...
2012 Election Poll 2011-08-15 (closed)
If today were election day, who would you vote for in the following scenarios?
Presidential poll 2011-08-15
Rate each president who you know from American history based on whether they were a good or bad p...
Best U.S. President of All Time? 2011-08-14
Which is the best president on USA in history?
2012 Presidential election 2011-08-14
Some questions on the upcoming presidential elections
Who do you blame for our current Crisis? 2011-08-13
Since the last elections were held, Americans sent Congress and the President a clear message. We...
Juvenile Justice 2011-08-13
Juvenile Justice
Favours of Politics, Culture and History 2011-08-10
I always find it extremely interesting to see how other people would like the world to be, if the...
Determining sane versus insane politics 2011-08-08 (closed)
In light of the recent events in DC concerning the debt ceiling and other events...do you have a ...
Sexting 2011-08-08
A 17 year old girl is dating 3 guys for a year. One of the guys finds out. He tells the other t...
Police Use of Restraints 2011-08-08
How should the police enforce the use of handcuffs, legirons, etc.?
Obama Vs. Palin 2011-08-06 (closed)
Obama Vs. Palin
US Politics 2011-08-06
US Politics
R u happy with the US? 2011-08-06
R u happy with the US?
Would you support President Obama in 2012? 2011-08-06
Would you support President Obama in 2012?
Debt Limit Debate 2011-08-06 (closed)
Debt limit debate
Fantasy presidential primaries - round one 2011-08-06 (closed)
This is the first of a three part poll to decide a fantasy US president from the 12 presidents si...
Terrorism in Australia 2011-07-27
This poll is for a research paper I am doing for school
remployworkers 2011-07-27 (closed)
2012 Republican Primary 2011-07-27
Which 2012 Republican candidate contender would you want to run as the Republican nominee (either...
Determing a state I would rather live in... 2011-07-26 (closed)
Democratic States (Blue States) versus Republican States (Red States). This poll is to determi...
election 2010 republican buyers remorse 2011-07-21 (closed)
I want to learn the attitudes of those with republican senators.representatives and governors and...
2012 Election 2011-07-21 (closed)
2012 Election