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McVeigh's Execution 2001-06-15
You decide do you think Timothy Mcveigh Should Have been exwcuted?
Political Philosophies (USA) 2001-06-14
This poll is here to see where some people stand on some issues.
Euro Referendum 2001-06-10
Within the lifetime of the current UK parliament, there will be a UK referendum on Britain's entr...
Legalize it 2001-06-01
Do you think marijuana should be legalized in Canada?
Political parties 2001-05-28
Democracies are good.
Is Bush a complete idiot? 2001-05-26
Is Bush a great man for office, or is he the biggest moron this country's ever seen?
Bubba v. Bush 2004 2001-05-20
After the fiasco of Election2000, Bush will face stiff opposition in 2004, virtually including Bu...
Should smoking be banned from public places? 2001-05-14
Britain for the British 2001-05-10
Just a pol to see what people in Britain really want in a political party.
THE ISSUES -#- SPEAK UP!!! 2001-04-09
Have your say on the issues that I will be taking to the New Zealand 2002 election. YOUR opinion ...
Is America Declining 2001-03-27
This poll is being done by my US Government class. They constructed 10 questions to try and surv...
Catalyst Poll: Did you like Clinton? 2001-03-09
What are your thoughts on President Clinton?
which government is most stable? 2001-03-04
People have debated over which government philosophy they prefer. this poll asks which you prefer...
Isreali-Palestinian poll 2001-03-04
The recent violence in the West Bank has been going on for 3 months. Over 400 people have been ki...
Religion in public life. 2001-02-24
With the news that George Bush is funding religious orginizations,many people are claiming this i...
Adirondacks, Urban Forest? 2001-02-16
The Residents Committee to Protect the Adirondacks (RCPA) released a report on February 8, 2001 t...
Is Nader cooler than Bush/Gore? (and other random thoughts) 2001-02-10
Just some random questions about Election 2000
Drug legalization 2001-01-18
Do you believe in freedom to use whatever drugs you choose?
*Desicion 2000* 2001-01-08
Who Did You Vote For? 2001-01-04
Who Did You Vote For in November
Who would you vote for? 2000-12-23
If these were the candidates in the 2004 election, which would you choose?
Peace and Patriotism 2000-12-20
It is still believed, by many, that dying for one's country is honourable regardless of the cause...
Running for president 2000-12-13
who should be the president of the united states of America?
NECN.com Poll: Supreme Court Decision 2000-12-11
On Monday, the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments that could mean an end to any further recoun...
Did You Vote? 2000-12-09
All those "no-votes"