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Do You Listen to Rush Limbaugh? 2001-09-29
Do you listen to Rush? And why?
Aid to Afghanistan 2001-09-29
While watching the news shortly after the attack, I saw Afghanis loading bags of grain with Ameri...
prison punishment 2001-09-28
solitary confinment
Americans and terrorists 2001-09-24
What do Americans feel about funding terrorists?
Civil Rights for Youth 2001-09-23
What do you think of legal rights for young people (under 18)?
Scared to Fly ? 2001-09-22
has the recent terrorist attacks scared you away from flying?
Prison Rights in the US 2001-09-20
Should prisoners in US prisons have rights
should people in brazil have rights in prison????? 2001-09-20
read the question
Right To Work 2001-09-19
Do you believe in Right To Work? Or do you see it as evil?
The World Trade Center 2001-09-18
Some home truths for you
Are You Really in Terror? 2001-09-17
who are you & what is your current emotional response to the recent terrorist attack on Ameri...
Abortion In America 2001-09-16
Voice your opinion on whether or not you believe abortion should be allowed in a country that was...
President Bush 2001-09-16
How do you rate President Bush's performance?
Would you fight in the war against terrorism? 2001-09-15
I found out that the first thing that my friend did when he found out about the bombing was to go...
Who's to Blame? 2001-09-13
See the message area after voting.
World Trade Center: America Under Attack 2001-09-11
This is a poll on the World Trade Center terrorist attack
Public Servants not politicians 2001-09-03
In recent times public confidence in government has eroded. What are your thoughts?
The Ultimate Canadians vs. Americans Poll 2001-08-31
Canadians know how some Americans misunderstand Canada. The purpose of this poll is to find out h...
3rd term election 2001-08-20
In U.S. last Presidential election, between George W. Bush and Al Gore, we got near an equality...
Israel v.s. Palestinians 2001-08-17
Whose side are you on?
Should Texas Be a State? 2001-08-14
Texas is the worst state in the country. Thanks to Gov. Dubya, the economy sucks, and Texas ranks...
The Gun Poll..... (not to be confused with Gun Moll ;)) 2001-07-31
Please fill out this short poll about handguns in the U.S. Thank you very much!
If You Had To Vote 2001-07-28
There are two presidential canidates.Both have have been involved in possible career ending scand...
Who is the worst? 2001-07-15
Who is the worst?
More Liberty or More Government? 2001-07-05
What's your opinion?