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No Death Penalty 2001-10-23
What do you think about the death penalty?
Freedom of Justice 2001-10-23
Can any civilized society that value democracy and human rights condone the killing of Bangabandh...
Attack on America Opinions Poll 2001-10-23
Here's a series of questions on the events surrounding the recent terrorist activities and the bo...
Do you think there is too much hype over Anthrax? 2001-10-22
Talking about how people are reacting to the Anthrax Scares in the U.S.
Anthrax 2001-10-22
CNN. News
Who would you like to be President now 2001-10-22
Who would you like to see as President now that we are fighting terrorists.
War or peace? 2001-10-18
Let's see how we really feel about the war on terrorism!!
Osama Bin Laden 2001-10-18
This Person is very dangerous because he is a terrorist.
Voting Habits 2001-10-17
A short poll for a school assignment - studies how people vote.
Terrorist Attack 2001-10-17
Last September 11 at 8:45 a.m the two American Airline Crushed in the building of World Trade Cen...
What Is This War About? 2001-10-17
At this point in time, we are engaged in a war. Some think it's a war on religion, some think it...
Us VS. Them 2001-10-17
Just answer the questions!
Consciousnet Survey - October 2001 2001-10-10
The deeper causes of the September 11, 2001 disaster
U.S. Strikes Afghanistan! 2001-10-08
The U.S. and Britain have bombed Afghanistan and fired 50 cruise missles into Afghanistan. What i...
Should we invade? 2001-10-08
In light of the terrorist attacks performed on September 11, 2001, should the US fully commit to ...
September 11th: Looking Back and Ahead [Updated Oct. 8!] 2001-10-05
Now that things are starting to settle down, what sense can we make of the tragedy on September 1...
Holy War? 2001-10-05
What do you think?
Peace 2001-10-05
Many people around the nation protest about the U.S. using military action against the terrorists...
Presidential fight 2001-10-04
who would win in hand to hand combat? Al Gore, George Bush jr, or Al Gore with a Beard?
Why no terrorists in Switzerland? 2001-10-03
Why do all the terrorists seem to have it in for the U.S? Why don't they attack Switzerland instead?
Terrorist Hits 2001-09-30
Do you think terrorist will strike on our own soil again?
AFTER 11-11-01 Concerns 2001-09-30
What is your general concerns after the ATTACK on America? Is the media going overboard? Is OUR...
Should the USA attack Afghanistan? 2001-09-30
THE USA is involved in a war on terrorism. How do you think the US should respond?
Hostile Terrorist Situation the USA has to face 2001-09-29
This is a voting poll for the public...letting us know how we feel about the current tradgic even...
Bin laden 2001-09-29
about Ossama Bin Laden