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confederat flag 2001-11-14
confederate flag
George W Bu$h's IQ: 2001-11-14
Make your best HONEST estimate at W's Iq score!
Should Bush Be Impeached? 2001-11-13
Bush Cheated in 2000 and should be Removed from office!
FAA Special Regulations 2001-11-12
The United States as a "Good Guy" 2001-11-10
In light of the September 11th Terrorist Attack, many people are suggesting that the United State...
The Media and the War 2001-11-09
The media have come under criticism for their coverage of the War on Terrorism.
A true poll of Bush's Popularity 2001-11-09
Please vote in this unbiased, independent poll created by America's leading polling company. Be ...
Racial Profiling through Linguistics 2001-11-09
This poll is designed to answer questions about linguistic profiling in the United States.
Trust or not? 2001-11-09
Do you have more trust in your government now then you ddi before September 11th?
If the Red Cross does not give all the 9-11-01 donations! 2001-11-09
The Red Cross said they will be holding onto millions of 9-11-01 donations and probably using the...
What new Government should there be in Afghanistan. 2001-11-09
What new Government should there be in Afghanistan after the war.
Government and Politics 2001-11-09
a good poll about the world and what's going on in it
The Quebec Referendum Poll 2001-11-09
Have your say on the fracas going on in Quebec over separating from Canada
world terrorism 2001-11-09
What is your true feelings about Terrorists
Death to Osama bin Laden 2001-11-09
i want to find out how many people would be willing to kill osama bin laden
More government? 2001-11-09
The U.S. government just keeps getting bigger and bigger, no matter who is in the White House or ...
Linguistic Profiling 2001-11-09
This poll is designed to answer questions about linguistic profiling in the United States.
War on Terrorism 2001-11-09
The Taliban may be evil, but the most of the Afghans that die in the strikes are innocent. Also,...
Racial Profiling 2001-10-29
This poll is designed to answer questions about racial profiling in the United States.
The Bush Economy Poll 2001-10-27
The American people are now going through hard times and we would like your opinions on what you ...
Bush Poll Questions That We Would Like To Here 2001-10-27
Do you feel that the press is not asking the right questions about Bush? Well we do and we ar...
Republicans V.S. Democrats(For Americans only) 2001-10-26
Which side do you agree with more?
The be all end all Poll 2001-10-26
This poll will change my life
What kind of people share this country with me????? 2001-10-26
Ok, so I am interested, ok. Is that ok?? 'Preciate that release buddy. Sure 'nough do.
Who should be fighting the war 2001-10-25
Who do you think should be fighting the war inf afghanistan? site by: Nick Lafuente