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R-E-S-P-E-C-T 2001-12-19
Is it OK to INITIATE force or fraud to achieve personal goals?
Bush should he go? 2001-12-19
Have you had with this Administration?
Repeal of the 22nd Amendment 2001-12-18
Should the 22nd Amendment be repealed?
Gays in the Military 2001-12-18
What's your opinion?
political beliefs 2001-12-18
Where are you in the political spectrum.
Clinton's Legacy Poll 2001-12-18
President Clinton's legacy has been contended since before he even left office. What do you think...
Hillary Clinton Warmth, Sincerity and Honesty Poll 2001-12-18
Hillary Clinton is by most accounts highly intelligent. However, her warmth, sincerity and hones...
Would you Vote to Remove Bush from Office??? 2001-12-16
Bush Cheated to get to the White House and 2 million people have lost their jobs in Bush's 1st 2 ...
Limited number of terms an elected offical can serve 2001-12-15
Do you believe there should be a limited number of terms an elected official can serve?
Your views on George Bush's first year. 2001-12-13
I made this poll to get a sence of how the public feels our newly elected President, George W. Bu...
How do you feel about the Septhember 11th attack? 2001-12-12
This poll could help you. It is like talking about the attacking except there isn't a person infr...
Who's responsible? 2001-12-12
To find out who people think are responsible for our current economy.
Who Should Be Man of the Year? 2001-12-12
Time Magazine is thinking about putting Osma Bin Laden on the front cover as Times Man of the Yea...
Islamic Theocratic rulers of Iran 2001-12-12
Share your opinions on the almost 23 year-old theocracy.
Are Americans informed enough about their Gov't war efforts? 2001-12-03
Do you feel that the American people are being informed about their Governments involvement in bo...
Puerto Rico Status Preferences 2001-12-03
Puerto Rico, one of the oldest colonies in the world, has been trying for many years to decide th...
MAN OF THE YEAR 2001-12-03
Time Magazine is reportedly making Osama Bin Laden their Man of the Year.
Israeli-Palestinian conflict 2001-11-28
What are your views on the 1 year, 2 months old Intifada?
Political Persuasion 2001-11-27
Quick survey to determine the main political ideology
Survey-Taking responsibility for the World vs. Taking 2001-11-26
I am currently enrolled in an argumentative writing class at Texas A&M University-Commerce...
Labor Unions 2001-11-26
I am doing a paper on the role of labor unions in today's economic and social climate. I need pol...
Random 2001-11-24
This poll is made up of random questions. With no relevant meaning.
A Political Lunch 2001-11-19
Who would you wine and dine with?
Poll Question 2001-11-19
General opinions of users
Do You Value Celebrities Personal Opinions?? 2001-11-16
It seems a lot of celebrities(i.e. Barbra Streisand, George Clooney) like to voice their opions a...