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Gun Control 2002-04-01
Former President Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated, but a brave Secret Serviceman named Brady...
Should the United States be split into multiple countries? 2002-03-25
The American Declaration of Independence states, "When in the course of human events it beco...
President Bush 2002-03-21
How Is President Bush Doing
The War On Terrorism 2002-03-19
Let's see how people feel about the war on terrorism and how it should be handled.
War and Peace 2002-03-19
Is war ever justified? Can it be right to fight? What are your views on military service?
Political Parties 2002-03-11
Choose the political party you usually vote for.
Your 5 Favorite Presidents 2002-03-11
Choose your 5 Favorite Presidents!
what is Gore 2002-03-08
Are you happy that Gore lost and Bush won
WAR 2002-03-08
War, just what is it good for?
Read my lips - #2 2002-03-07
Bush promised to cut taxes during his campaign. Now he caved in and agreed to protectionist anti-...
Was the atomic bomb a good idea??? 2002-03-04
Was the atom bomb something we should have done?
Should Canada join together with the USA??? 2002-02-27
I would like to know some reasons as to why or why not as well!
Political Preferences 2002-02-25
Please take a moment to vote in our unoffical poll!
Cymru Poll 2002-02-25
The Wales of the future in the eyes of the Welsh....is there a future?
The Awful Truth About the BUSH family 2002-02-22
Is the Bush family as bad as the Rumors Claim! <BR><BR> Take this Poll and See! ...
Tackle poverty - Uplift Humanity 2002-02-20
I can envision a world were everyone has a bed and everyone id fed. In that ideal place, humanity...
Is Bush a Crook 2002-02-12
Is Bush so deeply involved with the fixing of energy prices with ENRON that he should be IMPEACHE...
American-European 2002-02-11
The differences between poltics in USA and Europe (+Rest of World)
Republicans and Democrats both are Evil! 2002-02-11
I hate both Republicans and Democrats. Although both parties have done some good to America, the...
Energy Exploration 2002-02-11
Should our government permit oil drilling in the Arctic Naional Wildlife Reserve?
IMPEACH BUSH in 2004 2002-02-06
Bush Lied About the War In Iraq that has Now killed Over 520 American Servicemen ...................
Did bin Laden win over Bush ? 2002-02-06
It seems that Bush has more military power, but bin Laden has more brain. Who has the better tact...
Senate Elections 2002 2002-02-04
The Senate Elections of 2002
Clinton Vs. Bush 2002-01-31
This is a poll to see what you think of Clinton vs. Bush's economic, foreign policy, etc. Have fun!
Why vote Republican 2002-01-31
Reasons people vote Republican