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Middle East Crisis 2002-04-25
Terrorism is wrong anyway you look. Terrorism can be done by an individual, organization or the g...
**World Terrorism...What's Really Going On?!?** 2002-04-25
This is a poll that will be reported to others. Please specify your age and gender so I can see i...
Global Compact 2002-04-25
Have you heard of the Global compact?
Abortion and the aging workforce 2002-04-25
Has abortion hurt America's economy?
Central American human rights 2002-04-22
Central America has many problems with human rights. How can these be solved?
The Eagle Eye Opinion 2002-04-22
This is Your Opinion about the current situation ...
TREASON, yea or nay 2002-04-22
Cherokee leader cedes land in the year of 2002, circa 1835, Treaty Party Treasonist!
Reparations 2002-04-22
It has been in recent headlines. Now tell us what you think.
How do you feel about the Middle East Conflict? 2002-04-22
Your thought on Isreal handling the conflict.
Presidency 2002-04-22
George Bush has been in office for two years now.
Censorship 2002-04-22
This is about Censorship! Vote Away!
ww II facts 2002-04-16
Most of medias are owned by Jews
Conspiracy 9/11 2002-04-15
Do not poll here, if you are under 18. Do you think, that 9/11 is a conspiracy of Israel?
The Israelis and Palestinians have been at the brink of war yet again and attrocities have been ...
Should America Support Israel? 2002-04-15
America calls itself Israel's friend and ally. Although Bush does not always agree with Sharon, H...
Capital Punishment-Yes or No??? 2002-04-15
Do you believe in capital punishment? Do you think that it is just? Please give you my answer for...
Is Bush being agressive enough in the war against terror? 2002-04-15
Polls to date show that President Bush has high ratings in the war against terrorism. But are the...
Should the United States stand firm against all terror 2002-04-15
After the September 11 terror attack, the United States made a firm commitment against all forms ...
Political Beliefs 2002-04-09
You may know what political party you're affiliated with, but do you know which political party y...
The Presidential Election of 1860 2002-04-09
Vote for your favorite candidate! So who will it be.....Abraham Lincoln, or Stephen Douglas?
Kashmir Issue 2002-04-09
Kashmir dispute has been called "the most dangerous conflict in the world". We need to ...
Pro-Palestinian or Pro-Israeli? 2002-04-09
A lot has been happening in the Mid-east. I am wondering which people you side with... The Israel...
Would you sign a petition to Impeach Bu$h? 2002-04-09
As Bu$h continues to drive this country a 100 miles per hour in the wrong direction, the world ha...
Fight for your Right 2002-04-09
Is voting passe?
Conservative or Bleeding heart? 2002-04-01
Hi. This poll is a chance for you to see how politically knowledgable you are of yourself.