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Worst Anti-Semite 2002-06-27
Who is the worse anti-semite?
Endocrine Disrupters and Water Quality 2002-06-23
Man-made chemicals present in the environment can mimic estrogen and other human hormones. Known...
9-11 War 2002-06-20
This poll began @ June 19, 2002. It will be interesting to see how the public's perception of th...
United Nations 2002-06-18
This poll is simply to see what your feelings toward this orginization are (if you have any).
American Jewish Voting Patterns 2002-06-10
This is part of an independent research project on US/Israel relations. I am not affiliated with ...
Politics: Which Would You Rather Have? 2002-06-06
I'm trying to reconcile what I'm seeing going on with what polls and pundits are telling me. Wha...
World War 3 2002-06-06
Just a little poll about your opinions concerning the war.
Middle Eastern involvement in OKC? 2002-06-03
Do you believe the terrorist act in Oklahoma City had Middle Eastern Involvement?
Your 5 LEAST Favorite Presidents 2002-06-03
Choose your 5 LEAST Favorite Presidents!
Snap Poll: Will there be an Indo -Pak war or not? 2002-06-03
Will there be a war between India and Pakistan in the next few weeks? My definition of "War ...
Your Job 2002-05-28
New Labour has introduced NMW, but have they done enough to protect Britains' workers?
Changing Election Process??? 2002-05-28
This poll is to see how you feel about the way the United States chooses their leaders. Please an...
End Women's Suffrage? 2002-05-28
Even though I'm a guy, I believe that for society to move forward, we must end women's suffrage b...
Plain & Simple... Want Bush for President? 2002-05-28
The regular polls say that Bush is very popular. I'd like to know if this is true.
A Boycott against the Republican Party 2002-05-23
If you believe that with money, people can exert influence in politics, would you stop buying pro...
Middle East -- Who's fault is it? 2002-05-23
Problems between the Israelis and the Palestinians have existed for a long time. These problems a...
Drug War VS War On Terrorism 2002-05-23
With the increasing cost of protecting the United States against future acts of terrorism, would ...
Campagn finance reform would strictly regulate, if not completely stop, big businesses (oil compa...
President Bush visits Berlin, Germany 2002-05-23
President Bush spent one day in Berlin Germany to talk about the war against terror. He might hav...
Voting in The U.S.A. 2002-05-16
Please provide your beliefs on whether or not the need for a uniform election system outweighs st...
Answer these questions, please.
Peace/War 2002-05-16
Do you think war is human nature?
Should We Bring Back The Draft? 2002-05-16
Because of the difficulty of recruiting an all volunteer military, people inside the beltway are ...
Presidential Race 2004 2002-05-13
Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton wants to run for President. Assume that this is true, who would...
Election 2000 Re-visted! 2002-05-13
President Bush has been in office for over a year. Maybe you're not happy with him? Well let's do...