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South Africa "the truth" 2002-08-26
Daily events in South Africa such as politics, crime etc.
The 5th Face On Mt. Rushmore 2002-08-22
I saw this poll on a news show the other night, and thought it was interesting. What do Mister P...
So called war against terrorism 2002-08-19
The usa are fighting a so called war against terrorism, but are they telling the truth?
November Elections 2002-08-19
Let everyone know what Kinda' noise you'll be makin' in November.
Terrorism 2002-08-19
Poll about terrorist countries/governments
Stock Market 2002-08-12
This poll is for people who are currently in or were in the stock market
Marijuana Laws - New South Wales 2002-08-09
To assess public opinion of marijuana for residents of New South Wales only.
Socialism or Capitalism 2002-08-07
If you had a choice of which type of government to live in, would you prefer Socialism or Capital...
The Factor w/ Bill O'Reilly or Hardball w/ Chris Matthews? 2002-08-07
Whick one.....
Voting Age 2002-08-05
The current voting age - at least in the U.S - is eighteen. Should this be changed?
US interference in foreign affairs 2002-08-05
Thank you for participating on my project by filling out this survey. Your answers will be kept c...
Is the second amendment an indivudual right? 2002-08-05
Some say the second amendment does not guarantee americans the right to own a gun. what do you t...
Did Rep. Traficant Get A Fair Shake? 2002-08-02
Congressman James Traficant of Ohio was expelled from the House of Representatives. Do you think ...
Could China be a threat? 2002-07-23
To many Americans, China does not seem like a friendly country (definitely not seen as *unfriendl...
Attack Iraq? 2002-07-21
Iraq. Saddam Hussein. Saddam has used CHEMICAL weapons two times. Once during the Iraq-Iran War a...
The Euro. Should the U.K join? 2002-07-20
I live in Britain and was wondering what the world thinks about the possibility of us joining the...
Conservative or LIberal poll 2002-07-18
Please answer one or other,No waffling please.It is either/or
NZ Election 2002 2002-07-15
Vote on some of the policies and parties of this year's elections...
War with Iraq, Should we or Shouldn't we? 2002-07-15
America is the aggressor. America wants to attack Iraq. The claim is to replace the leader, Sadda...
Please answer the following:
is osama alive or dead 2002-07-08
is osama bin laden alive or dead?
the war on terror 2002-07-02
some questions about the war
Counting inmates for political representation. 2002-06-29
Some states are counting inmates as living in the district where they are incarcerated for the pu...
Pledge of Allegiance 2002-06-28
Is it unconstitutional?
Is the Federal Appeals Court right? 2002-06-27
The 9th court in San Francisco says that the Pledge of Alegiance is un-constitutional becasue it ...