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Greatest Evils Quiz 2002-11-06
What and who are the most evil in the world
Direction of the Country 2002-11-06
I am concerend with where we are headed as a nation. These question are for me to take a random s...
Is the British Media out of control? 2002-10-28
Is the British Media out of control? Please vote. Also mail your comments if you want. Or post i...
Electoral Reform in the US 2002-10-28
Electoral Reform
Vive Le Quebec Libre? 2002-10-28
This is a chance for all the English Canadians who hate Quebeckers (and all the Quebeckers who ha...
Voting and the New Machines 2002-10-23
This is a public opinion poll on voting and the new voting machines
Mental Illness and Voting 2002-10-17
This poll is brought to you by sacraMENTAL, makers of Catholic, mental health, and Middle East co...
Vote for New York State Governor 2002-10-17
Thank you for coming.Please vote once for your favorite Governor.
Give your views 2002-10-09
To know about pervez musharaf.
Democrat Presidential Election 2002-10-03
How do you think the political leadership of the country will pan out?
War with Iraq 2002-10-03
Does the US really want war?
A Nation of Fools 2002-10-03
This poll was designed to get a idea if Americans think they live in a nation of fools.
Should America invade Iraq? 2002-10-01
The following poll has been created to gain information about public opinion on whether America s...
Rich or Poor to be a Politician? 2002-10-01
I was just wondering what the plurality of people out there think is needed to make it big in pol...
Judgement of Crime in the UK 2002-09-25
Is crime rampant?
Take out Iraq?? 2002-09-25
Presidant Bush is planning to attack Iraq, to take out Saddam Hussein, and the so called "Ax...
Is Israel a country of terrorism? 2002-09-16
comparison betwen israelis and palestinians.
America 2002-09-16
This is a quick and easy poll. Just take it. You'll either look stupid or you won't, it's that ...
How much do you know about your government? 2002-09-16
This study includes both opinion and knowledge based questions. This is actually an assignment I...
Iraq Attack 2002-09-10
US Vice President Dick Cheney has declared "The entire world must know we will take whatever...
Gimme Back My Freedoms! 2002-09-10
query about personal freedom/independence
Attack Iraq? 2002-09-10
Should the US attack Iraq?
Israel and Palestine 2002-09-04
With Jews and Arabs in Israel and Palestine at each others throats what is the best solution in t...
Are Democrats Whiny scum? 2002-09-04
It seems as though all democrats are whining about everything.
NESARA Now! 2002-09-04
NESARA DISCLAIMER The "gag order" placed upon the National Economic Security And Ref...