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Should concealed handguns be legal in ohio. 2002-12-20
Considering the strict rules and guidelines that must be followed. Should an Ohio resident who pa...
The New Drug Legalization Poll 2002-12-20
Let's face it, it is estimated that by the year 2050, this country will be so full of drug addict...
2004 Election trial 2002-12-20
This is a poll to consider how screwed up the country may become in the next 7+ years.
Gore Better Than Bush 2002-12-19
This poll is designed to see if people think Gore would've been a better president than Bush and ...
Squirrels 2002-12-16
Grey Squirrels or Red squirrels?
Vote for the second millenium personnalities and event! 2002-12-16
A poll on history, politics but also, music, science and others!
World war 3 ??? 2002-12-16
Is it coming soon or never?
Do you support invading Iraq? 2002-12-15
Just a few questions that put things in my perspective...Sorry if it's a little biased
Trent Lott 2002-12-15
Trent Lott is coming under heat for a comment he made at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party.
Crime 2002-12-12
This poll is for a school project which will investigate the public perception and knowledge of ...
Reparations 2002-12-03
The reparations movement in America is where we living Americans are to be held financially respo...
Should the U.S. go to war with Iraq? 2002-12-03
Do you think that President Bush should go to war with Saddam Hussein?
Democrats vs. Republicans 2002-11-27
What is your political party affiliation?
Irish politics - American views 2002-11-22
The aim of this poll is to gauge the level of interest and knowledge of Americans in Irish affairs.
Weapon Ispection in Iraq 2002-11-22
Even with the recent agreement from Sadam Hussein to allow weapon inspectors into Iraq, there hav...
Is AMERICA in DANGER of becoming a POLICE STATE? 2002-11-22
In the wake of last year's terrorist hijackings, the U.S. federal government has assumed even mo...
Left of the Year 2002 2002-11-22
Vote for the person that you believe made the greatest contribution to left wing politics in 2002
Election outcome 2002-11-14
Will the Republicans taking control of the Congress, both House and Senate be good or bad for the...
Bush Presidency 2002-11-14
The purpose of this poll is to get a feel for how you feel about the President
Is Bin Laden alive or dead? 2002-11-08
Due to the inability of a previous pollster to create a poll on this subject properly I made one ...
What's the REAL DEAL? 2002-11-06
Here's a chance to prove or disprove Dubya's suspiciously high approval ratings.
is George W. Bush mentally diabled? 2002-11-06
This poll is designed to gauge whether or not most Americans believe George W. Bush to be mentall...
Where do you stand? 2002-11-06
This is just to give me some idea of where people stand when it comes to politics.
Are you politically active? 2002-11-06
This poll is an inquiry into the voting habits of Americans (you know who you are)...
Are You A Communist Poll 2002-11-06
This is a test to decide whether or not you are a communist