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Impressions of Nations 2003-01-31
Please take a moment to describe your feelings about the following nations. 1 is bad feelings, ...
Would you support Gore 2004? 2003-01-30
What if former vice president Al Gore reconsiders to run for the presidency & decides to run?...
Affirmative Action! 2003-01-30
Affirmative action in the US
"Tournament war" 2003-01-27
:S This looks stupid like this but I've decide to make a poll on a kind of world war tournament. ...
Should The US go to War? 2003-01-22
This is to ask if the US should go to war or not.
How Should Osama Be Killed? 2003-01-21
I hate him, and i'm sure many of you are with me. How should he die!!!
The ultimate world armies poll 2003-01-17
This poll is made principally to rank up a little bit the armies. I know, the US should be first,...
A Confederate America? 2003-01-17
This poll is to see whether you, an American citizen, would think if this country would be run mo...
George W. Bush will be the illegitmate President of the United States for 2 years on January 20th...
BUSH SR. vs. BUSH JR. 2003-01-15
George W. Bush has been in office for two years. George H.W. Bush has been a former prez for almo...
End selective service 2003-01-15
Every 18 year old male in America has to register for the draft. I want to know if the people th...
Bush Approval Survey 2003-01-14
Ho do you approve on Bush in each of the following issues?
Conservatives--is logic defined as whining? 2003-01-14
Conservatives,lacking an extensive vocabulary,when confronted by logical truths,are irritated by ...
The president versus the constitution 2003-01-13
Is the Constitution of the United States a dead letter?
Military 2003-01-13
What do you think about the military?
"The West Wing" Presidential Election 2003-01-13
What if we live in the world where President Jed Bartlet of the popular TV show "The West Wi...
GORE or BUSH? 2003-01-03
GORE or BUSH, who is more favorably according to you?
PRIMARY 2004 2003-01-03
Edwards, Daschle, Gephardt, Lieberman, Dean & Kerry & some unknowns are running. Who will...
Will He? 2003-01-03
this week bill frist took over trent lott to become the new majority leader.Will he do a good job?
Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad-Volgograd 2003-01-03
Russians now discuss, is it appropriate to return historical name to the city, which is called...
The Greatest battle of the history 2003-01-03
a poll for the ones who knows history ;)
best politic way to rule a country 2003-01-03
a quick way to see how the people think the best politic way is.
Reno 2004? 2003-01-03
If former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno intends to run for the Democratic presidential nominat...
Democratic Presidential Campaign 2004 2003-01-01
The following are likely canidates for the Democratic Nomination for President in 2004.
Election 2004 2002-12-24
An early look at the 2004 presidential election