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Capitalist Poll 2012-12-04
All about capitalism as a system, ideology, all frequently asked questions about capitalism.
Favorite Founding Father 2012-12-04
Favorite Founding Father
How do you believe Obama won re-election? 2012-11-19
Whether we like it or not, Obama will continue sitting in the Oval Office for the next four years...
Blue (Democrat) States versus Red (Republican) States 2012-11-17
This poll is about Blue (Democrat) States versus Red (Republican) States
politics hard questions 2012-11-17
politics hard questions
what country is 2012-11-17
which country is the strongest who would win in a fight and more
which parties do you like and dislike 2012-11-17
which parties do you like and dislike
who for president 2012-11-12
who do you want to become president
What is your state group in USA? 2012-11-12
I'm putting these in acb order to see what group of states you are in.
Do you believe Mitt will run again? 2012-11-12
Do you believe Mitt will run again?
Who won the Johnson-Stein debate? 2012-11-07 (closed)
Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein debated Nov. 5 i...
Politics and emotions 2012-11-07
Some say who we are determines our politics more than we think. This poll is a survey to discove...
Presidential Election 2012 2012-11-07 (closed)
Presidential Election 2012
Who do you want as president, America? 2012-10-29
Who do you want as president, America?
Economic Concerns 2012-10-26
Economic Concerns
Should the monarchy be abolished? 2012-10-26
Should the monarchy be abolished?
Election 2012 school project 2012-10-22
questions for a school survey project
Election, Debates and Benghazi 2012-10-22
Election, Debates and Benghazi
Best U.S. state? 2012-10-22
What is the best US state for living?
Who Are You Voting For President? 2012-10-22
If it were held today, who would you vote for?
Is America too big to fail? 2012-10-22
Greece is one of many nations in Europe currently facing a major debt crisis. In order to secure...
The Coalation HAlf-way Through 2012-10-22
The Conservative Lib Dem Coaltion is now Halfway Through the Five Year Parliment. Which makes it ...
Presidential Election Electoral College 2012 2012-10-10
Share your opinions and beliefs about the electoral college system.
Social Issues 2012-10-10
A poll about social issues.
NXS ROCK THE VOTE 2012 2012-10-10