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Best Hard Rock/Metal Artist Ever 2008-09-28
For the search to find the best metal artist ever. Which out of these are your favourite metal ba...
Which is the Best Genre 2008-09-28
Which is the Best Genre
Best Metal Band In All Of History 2008-09-30
It's your job to decide the best metal band (including death metal, speed metal, thrash metal, an...
Best CMA Host 2008-09-30
Who do you think was the best host of the Country Music Association Awards? Vince Gill Brooks...
Grunge VS Post Grunge 2008-10-02
Grunge VS Post Grunge
my band 2008-10-27
so my badn broke up and me and my drummer started a new one. we came up with a list of possible ...
guns n roses 2008-10-30
guns n roses
Hip Hop, or Rock? 2008-11-05
Hip Hop, or Rock?
Controversial Red Hot Chili Peppers Poll 2008-11-09
Controversial Red Hot Chili Peppers Poll
Chinese Democracy by Guns N' Roses 2008-11-30
It's finally here!
SLIPKNOT!!! 2008-11-30
celebrity feud westling 2008-12-03
celebrity feud westling
What piano song should I learn? 2008-12-12
Over Christmas break, I'm going to learn to play an anime, video game, or JPop song on the piano,...
Best Metal Album of 2008 (Name 3) 2008-12-14
Best Metal Album of 2008 (Name 3)
Creepy or not: Alesana - Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken 2008-12-15
Creepy or not: Alesana - Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken
bands and songs 2008-12-21
bands and songs
Playing instruments 2008-12-29
If you don't play an instrument leave now
Britney Spears songs 2008-12-30
Britney Spears songs
Black Sabbath vs Metallica 2009-01-05
The two greatest metal bands, you decide which is greater!
The 4 Ultimate Bands 2009-01-05
The best 4 bands ever, but which is the best
Greatest Song of The Rock and Roll Era Poll #0013 2009-01-05
This week we have the 13th set of matchups in determining the greatest song of the rock and roll ...
Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath 2009-01-13
Thats it
Who is the best Jonas Brother? 2009-01-18
title says it all!
A-Z Band Battles 2009-01-19
A-Z Band Battles
The Ultimate Song Challenge Test 2009-01-21
Tell which song is better out of the two.