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Instruments 2009-10-16
Pete Townshend vs. Brian Wilson (Who's the bigger genius) 2009-10-19
For a long time I've wondered "Who's the bigger genius. Pete Townshend of the Who vs. Brian ...
What Type of music do you like 2009-10-26
What Type of music do you like
Impact of the Interenet on Local Music Scenes 2009-11-01
I am doing an informal investigation of how the internet has impacted the lives of local musician...
Greatest Song of The Rock and Roll Era Poll #0051 2009-12-11
This week we have the 51st set of matchups in determining the greatest song of the rock and roll ...
who do you like better? 2009-12-12
a poll for what singer you like better?
64 bar challenge part 3 tempo vote 2009-12-20
vote for the tempo.. voting closes 1 jan 2010.. democracy at its best
Hottest female country music star 2009-12-20
Hottest female country music star
Who's Your Favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper? 2009-12-20
Poll to figure out what people like what band members. Includes all past band members, and recent...
Nirvana 2009-12-21
This poll is about the band Nirvana
best rock bands/music of 09 2010-02-04
best rock bands/music of 09
Which song is best? 2010-02-06
Which of the songs on the following list is better? A) Dark of the matinee (Franz ferdinand) ...
Eminem, nas, jay z, lupe fiasco, outkast. Who's best? 2010-02-13
Eminem, nas, jay z, lupe fiasco, outkast. Who's best?
This is a poll just for fans of Heavy Metal and Rock music. It gives you multiple choice question...
Soshi vs. STAND 2010-03-28
This poll is to find out if this korean girl group called so nyuh shi dae (SNSD) has more fans or...
Greatest rock song ever 2010-04-24
I want your help to decide on which is the greatest rock song ever. ONLY VOTE IF YOU HAVE HEARD A...
favorite band! 2010-05-12
favorite band!
What's your aardvark? 2010-05-20
"Aardvark" is the first word in the standard dictionary. What's the first artist in you...
ac/dc quiz 2010-05-30
ac/dc quiz
Best Wilco song/album 2010-06-16
Best Wilco song/album
The Ultimate "The Who" Poll 2010-06-28
Simple, If you like the Who, vote here!
Which Classic Rock Song is Better? 2010-06-28
Okay this is a poll of classic rock competitions.
My Favorite Music [And Maybe Yours!] 2010-07-10
A poll about my favorite artist Lil Wayne.
Black Sabbath vs Iron Maiden 2010-07-26
Black Sabbath vs Iron Maiden
Metallica vs Van Halen 2010-07-26
Metallica vs Van Halen