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Who is the best Jonas Brother? 2009-01-18
title says it all!
The Ultimate Song Challenge Test 2009-01-21
Tell which song is better out of the two.
Best Band Name 2009-01-21
I have a few band names for my current band that I wanted some feedback on as to which is the best.
Hip Hop Today 2009-01-21
what's goin down in hip hop today
bible question 2009-01-24
my poll is for the following 1. why instrumental music is error 2. eating in the meeting h...
Favorite song from Aerosmith's debut album? 2009-01-25
Name your favorite song from Aerosmith's first album from 1973, "Aerosmith".
What is your favorite........................... from Wicked? 2009-01-25
Greatest Song of The Rock and Roll Era Poll #0015 2009-02-01
This week is the 15th set of matchups in the search for the greatest song of the rock and roll era.
Most hated bands 2009-02-04
Which of these bands do you hate the most???
Ultimate Heavy Metal Poll 2009-02-04
Finally! A definitive and all deciding poll about the ultimate genre; heavy metal!
what is your favorite band out of the following? 2009-02-04
pick the band u like best
Does Music Effect Plant Growth? 2009-02-04
I am doing reserch for my science fair project and i need to know what others think about music a...
slipknot vs pink 2009-03-06
simple poll. which is better?
Mogwai 2009-03-06
This is a random poll about a band that most people have never heard of.
Musical taste vs gender 2009-04-01
Musical taste vs gender
Hip Hop/Rap Musikk 2009-04-09
i wanna kno wut ppl think bout hiphop and rap
Avril Lavigne VS Hayley Williams 2009-04-28
these are both totally awsome girls, and i want to know who you all think is best. its avril in m...
what name? 2009-05-02
what name?
Motley Crue 2009-05-20
Let's take a look at one of my favorite bands.
Do you like 1980's and 1990's music before they are remade? 2009-06-03
i am doing a project to see if people like the music the way it was before Artiste try and remake...
Best of 4 bands 2009-06-03
Which of the 4 bands I saw the other night is the best?
GUNS N' ROSES POLL 2009-06-05
Guns, Guns and more guns
Who Is The More Successful Female Artist? (Mariah Carey, or Madonna) 2009-06-17
Which of these women is a better "SINGER", "ROLEMODEL", "WHO WOULD LAST ...
Favorite Country Music Artists! 2009-06-21
Favorite Country Music Artists!