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Metallica vs. Slipknot 2010-10-27
Im a BIG METALLICA fan but im also very big on slipknot as well so yea. I just want to let the de...
Metallica Guitarist vs. Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman 2010-10-27
Metallica Guitarist vs. Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman
Slipknot vs Sevendust 2010-11-01
which band is better im a Slipknot fan and my bro is a Sevendust and we wanna know who is better
eminem vs tech n9ne 2010-11-07
eminem vs tech n9ne
Music 2010-11-09
Music stuff
Music--What do you prefer? 2010-11-11
What kind of music do you prefer?
Greatest Song of The Rock and Roll Era Poll #0074 2010-11-18
This week we have the 74th set of matchups in determining the greatest song of the rock and roll ...
Linkin Park Poll 2010 2010-11-24
The name pretty much explains it all just a poll about Linkin Park!
Best Rapper Right Now! 2010-12-28
About some amazing rappers!
Most Perverted Rock Music Video? 2011-01-25
What do you think is the most perverted Rock music video.Such as,what shows the most sex-related ...
Favorite genre of music 2011-02-10
This poll is to help with my capstone (end of the year project), so thanks for helping me out.
Who is better Nicki Minaj Lil Kim 2011-02-20
Who is better Nicki Minaj Lil Kim
Sex and music 2011-02-26
Sex and music
Do You Support Rock Music? 2011-03-04
Do You Support Rock Music?
Discrimination of Greebos/Emos/Goths 2011-03-19
Discrimination of Greebos/Emos/Goths
A Poll for French Horn Players 2011-03-20
Just what the title says :)
2011 BRIT Awards 2011-03-22
I've decided to do a poll to redo the BRIT Awards because I did not agree with some of it.
Help Us Choose Our Band Name 2011-04-23
Help us pick the new name for Mr. F-ing Peanut & The Accidental Moustache (HTG's Metalcore Si...
Please please me 2011-05-02
a general poll about the first beatles album please please me
Beatles for Sale 2011-05-05
a generall poll about the 4th album of the beatles,beatles for sales.It is not always easy to dec...
Help! 2011-05-09
A general poll about the 5th album of the beatles help!
Rubber soul 2011-05-10
A general poll about the 6th album of the beatles rubber soul,one of their best!
Randy Rhoads Megapoll 2011-06-08
A Poll On Randy Rhoads
Most talented Avenged sevenfold band member? 2011-06-18
Who do you think is the most talented member in A7X. OBVIOUSLY they are all SUPER SUPER Talented,...