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The BEST Iron Maiden Album Cover 2007-02-24
A poll to find the BEST Iron Maiden Cover Art
The Best Panic! At the Disco song is ... 2007-02-28
Which song by Panic! At the Disco do you reckon is thier best? Vote now!
Rock/Metal vs. Rap/Hip-Hop 2007-03-06
What Song is better?
Shakira 2007-03-06
All I want to know is what peope think of Shakira. Don't know why though... kinda weird huh?
Which London Radio Station Do You Listen to? 2007-03-09
All about the best radio stations in London
rock artists FACE OFF(semi-finals) 2007-03-12
Only 4 bands left, choose wisely...
Pink Floyd vs Led Zeppelin 2007-03-12
Which one of these Classic Rock Bands are the better of the two? In terms of talents/music quali...
Music Poll 2007-03-12
Which band was your favourite?
Which type of music has the most haters? 2007-03-12
Which type of music has teh most ppl who strongly oppose it?
The ULTIMATE greatest song poll: 2nd gig(pt 2) 2007-03-13
& part 2...
Led Zeppelin Vs The Who 2007-03-17
Led Zeppelin Vs The Who
Music 2007-03-17
I'm doing a poll for my Senior project. So fill it out for me because I want to know, plus I get ...
The Red Hot Chili Peppers 2007-03-17
Red Hot Chili Peppers
~ The Heavy Metal Poll ~ 2007-03-21
This poll is dedicated just for Heavy Metal Music and the legendary Rock Bands that created and s...
rock artists FACE OFF(finals) 2007-03-25
It's the finals! You've got two of the best hard rock bands ever facing off. choose carefully
Roxette poll 2007-03-25
Vote on the Swedish pop band!
Country Music Artists 2007-03-25
A poll about people's favorite country music artists (Forgive me if anyone is forgotten)
Mark Knopfler vs Eric Clapton 2007-03-29
Who is the better GUITARIST out of the two? Please know who both the guitarists are, and make ...
Nirvana VS Def Leppard 2007-04-03
which is a better band: Def Leppard or Nirvana?
T 5 Greatest Classical Composers 2007-04-07
Here is a list of musical composers rate them in order
Which guitar player is the best of all-time Rock N Roll?
How do you feel about the iPod nano? 2007-04-19
Pick your answers for the questions. Then leave a comment if you want to
Best Eminem Album 2007-04-19
Best Band Ever!? 2007-04-19
I want to know what every1 thinks is the best band ever. . .
Favorite kind of music?? 2007-04-19
What is your favorite Kind of music??