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Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd 2007-09-30
Not all fans would agree that 'Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd' is a good representation of what t...
The Newest "Greatest Band of All Time" Tournament: Round 4 2007-10-02
Here we go: now that all the ties from round 1 have been straightened out, it's simply 1-on-1 for...
Most INFLUENTIAL Band of All Time 2007-10-07
OK in contrast to the "Greatest Band" of all time. This Poll is about which band chang...
Best Van Halen 2007-10-07
Which Van Halen Do You Like Best?
Dark Passion Play 2007-10-08
Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new Nightwish album.
Which of the following bands/artists can you say you "LIKE" 2007-10-18
Want to see what others like.
led zeppelin 2007-10-18
the best music poll ever made round one 2007-10-26
this poll is wich music is the best of the best of the best then when this round is over ill pic...
ozzy vs. jimi hendix 2007-10-26
Best Band name 2007-10-27
What is the best(s) band names out of the following:
Greatest Song of All-Time (Round 1) 2007-10-29
The top 32 songs of all-time according to a reliable source, in a 5 round winner takes all
the doors 2007-10-30
The Newest "Greatest Band of All Time" Tournament: Semifinal 2007-11-06
It's been narrowed down to four bands. According to voters, this is the cream of the crop. Choose...
The Smashing Pumpkins Songs at War 2007-11-19
Below are the best (i consider) Pumpkins songs.32 of 'em face off better of the two move on like ...
Metal Album of 2007 2007-11-29
What is the best metal album of 2007?
Band Names 2007-12-03
what do you think is the best band name out of the following?
Led Zeppelin Vs. AC/DC ( Classic Rock) 2007-12-06
Who's Better?
Santeria vs. Scar Tissue 2007-12-06
No need for an intro...
Greatest Metal Band 2007-12-11
Greatest Metal Band
Whats your favorite metal band? 2007-12-14
Title says it all Vote :D
Best Girls Aloud member 2007-12-27
Who is the overall best Girl Aloud?
Pink Floyd vs The Spice Girls 2007-12-27
Who is more popular, Pink Floyd or The Spice Girls?
TP's rock poll 2007-12-27
rock and metal
Are you a hardcore raver? 2008-01-02
Are you a hardcore raver?
Women in the Music Industry 2008-01-05
Women in the Music Industry