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Best Doom Metal Bands 2008-02-08
Best Doom Metal Bands
What Bands Do You Like? 2008-02-12
What Bands Do You Like?
Black Metal 2008-02-15
Black Metal
Best Simple Plan song 2008-02-15
your favorite Simple Plan song out of these
Ultimate Rock Band Quiz 2008-03-01
Ultimate Rock Band Quiz
New Kids On The Block Album 2008-03-03
Which do you prefer?
Does rap negatively influence teens? 2008-03-03
I am doing a graduation project about whether or not music influences teens more negativley or mo...
best of musico 2008-03-04
best of musico
Best Paramore song 2008-03-04
out of the choices what is your favorite paramore song
Gibson vs. Fender? 2008-03-11
The best of the best -- but which really IS the best?
Album Reviews 2 2008-03-13
You tell us what song is the hottest.
Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn 2008-03-16
A poll for Pink Floyd's first album, and the 40th Anniversary release
The Ultement rock and metal guitarist poll 2008-03-19
The Ultement rock and metal guitarist poll
Greatest Rock Band of All-Time 2008-03-23
From the beginning of Rock with the Rolling Stones to now with bands like Nickelback, who is the ...
best thrash metal bands 2008-03-31
i want to see who is the best thrash band
Slayer Vs. MegadetH 2008-03-31
Slayer Vs. MegadetH
Heavy Metal Poll 2008-04-03
Heavy Metal Poll
Ultimate Three Days Grace Quiz!!! 2008-04-04
Ultimate Three Days Grace Quiz!!!
Ultimate Linkin Park Quiz!!! 2008-04-08
Ultimate Linkin Park Quiz!!!
The Big Music Poll #2 pt.1/2 2008-04-09
The Big Music Poll #2 pt.1/2
The Jonas Brothers 2008-05-22
What do you think about the Jonas Brothers? They continue to gain popularity every day and are...
Alice In Chains vs Nirvana 2008-06-02
Alice In Chains vs Nirvana... says it all... Best of the 2 harder sounding Grunge bands.
Ninja Poll 138: Dance Music SUCKS! 2008-06-19
Dance Music SUCKS! It is generated by computers with nothing better to do. No talent is generated...
Who's the best drummer? 2008-06-27
OUT OF THESE CHOICES, who do you think is the best drummer.
Best Atreyu song? 2008-06-27
Out of the choices, what do you think the best Atreyu song is.