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The complete heavy metal album poll. Final round. 2006-11-03
Vote for your favorite album. Cheat votes are not counted.
Avril Lavigne 2006-11-05
I am an Avril Lavigne fan myself, but all of my friends dislike her and say nobody likes her. Wha...
^*^ Canadian rap groups^*^ 2006-11-13
Which of these canadian rap groups do u think are the best?
GREATEST 90S BAND 2006-11-13
which is your favorite band from the 90s?
Pick Between 2 Bands Round 3 2006-11-24
Same as the other rounds.
Goss Hawk's Metal Bands 2006-11-28
Best rock album
Green Day vs KISS 2006-12-04
Greatest song ever 2006-12-08
Pick the better song
rock music rocks 2006-12-08
just answer the question to this poll if u no ho these people are
The ULTIMATE greatest song poll(semi-finals) 2006-12-13
the final 4 songs...
Greatest song ever 2nd round 2006-12-20
Pick the better song.
Which of this bands do you like best 2006-12-21
This a poll about group you like(mostly British).
Back in Black vs. Appetite for Destruction 2006-12-27
Neither of these legendary albums need introduction so instead I'll just start like this by sayin...
rock artists FACE OFF 2007-01-02
128 of the greatest rock artists ever face off
Best Band 2007-01-10
I just wanted to see which of these bands you think is the best
who hot who not????????? 2007-01-10
People say he/she is hot but they not its time 4 you 2 voice your opinion. I know some1 who say F...
Ultimate rock band poll 2007-01-23
This is a poll to find out YOUR favourite rock band
Nu-Metal vs Metalcore PART 2 2007-02-03
70 percent voted-metalcore 30 percent voted-nu metal metalcore won first round, but mostly nume...
Top Ten Songs Ever 2007-02-03
Pick The Top Ten Songs
Best Moby Song 2007-02-08
Vote on your favourite Moby song.
Favorite American Idol 2007-02-11
Who is the best American Idol vocalist??? Be Honest Not trying to be bias (chris daughtry)lol, b...
70's Rock & Roll Battle Of The Bands Round Two 2007-02-13
The winners from the first round are matched up against each other here in round two.
Nas v.s. JayZ 2007-02-13
Who's better out of Nasty Nas and Jay Hova.
What is a better band name final 2007-02-14
Were trying to name our band please choose truthfully
Amplify Hits! 2007-02-15