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Greatest Rock and Roll Songwriters 2007-07-03
This is a poll about people who weren't particularly known for their technical skills, but their ...
The Dream Theater Poll...2007 2007-07-20
This is an updated poll for the band Dream Theater. Created on 7/1/2007.
Most Rockin Guitarist 2007-07-20
Who is the most rockin guitarist of today? With so many rockin guitarist out there....who will yo...
Christina Aguilera or Jessica Simpson 2007-07-20
Which female pop songbird is better?
Whats the most important Instruments in a band? 2007-07-22
Well this is just a fun poll to see your side of music.
Instrument 2007-07-22
what do you play?
The Newest "Greatest Band of all Time" Tournament: Round 1 2007-07-22
This one's a lot bigger than most of 'em, and a lot more complete, too. It includes basically eve...
Guns N' Roses Vs. 2pac 2007-07-23
Simple. Who was better in their time.
A Wide Variety of Music 2007-07-23
An eclectic mix of questions about music
Pearl Jam vs. The Smashing Pumpkins 2007-07-25
2 of the leading 90's alternative bands. Since they both made a "comeback", who do you...
The Real #1 Hit Round 1 2007-07-26
Well I am taking 1-4 hits from some of best bands of all time and see who you think is better any...
Cannibal Corpse vs. Breaking Benajmin 2007-07-28
better band
Kelly Clarkson- My December 2007-07-28
I absolutely love Kelly Clarkson and I'd like to hear what others have to say.
NEW NAME 2007-08-04
I'm thinking about changing my solo project's name. I'd like you to help by choosing which one yo...
Dance or NOT A-B 2007-08-06
Check out the following songs. PLEASE tell me if you were : <br>#1. At a bar <br>#...
The ULTIMATE greatest song poll: 2nd gig(FINALS!!!) 2007-08-08
We're finally down to the final match!! will axl,slash & the rest of the guns win? or will ...
Ultimate Motley Crue poll 2007-08-08
Just trying to find out what others feel about the Crue...
Best Metal/Rock Singer 2007-08-08
This is a poll about who is the best rock/ metal singer ever
Whose Better? 2007-08-14
You Choose!!!
Best Music 2007-08-16
What music do you think is the best?
Favorite Music 2007-08-21
what is your faveorite music? find out here!
Bruce Springsteen Poll 2007-09-01
Poll about Bruce Springsteen Music
The Ultimate Spice Girls Poll 2007-09-02
Just a massive poll
best rapper 2007-09-10
who is tha best rapper ever
Best Rapper Alive 2007-09-10
lil wayne Jay-z Cassidy T.I