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Best "Boy" U2 song 2007-04-29
Choose which song from the album "Boy" by U2 you think is the best
What do you prefer? 2007-05-08
What do you like in music?
Anyone listened to/heard of these songs? 2007-05-10
Just wondering how many people know these songs, because I need to pick one to sing this year at ...
Favorite Residents Album 2007-05-10
uhhh just vote
Best Band 2007-05-10
Pick the best band ever
What is the randomest Cubed quote? 2007-05-10
We want to know what you think the randomest quote from our documentary "Thingy" is.
guitar legends 2007-05-17
About all legends of playing the guitar what styles are used and what trix they play.
Rap/Hip Hop Poll #1 2007-05-18
here is the basic poll of rap i have created
guns n' roses poll 2 2007-05-21
yet another guns n' roses poll
Best Rock Singer that wasn't really a good singer 2007-06-04
ok so alot of rockers play guitar and as you know thats hard to play guitar and sing soo whos the...
Your favourite FERGIE song!! 2007-06-04
Which is your fave song song that Fergie sings??
Orchestra Strings 2007-06-08
Orchestra Strings
alice in chains best unplugged song 2007-06-09
favorite alice in chains unplugged song
pearl jam vs. nirvana 2007-06-15
answer and dont be biased.
The ULTIMATE metal song poll 2007-06-15
Since my 2nd greatest song poll, I've had the idea to do polls for specific genres of music; this...
Best U2 Song/Album 2007-06-15
Trying to find out the most popular song and album by U2
Perceptions of metal (non-metalheads feel free to vote) 2007-06-15
What the title says really.
Which Song Should Be On My Profile? 2007-06-19
This is a simple question. Just tell me which of these two songs should be on my profile....
Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails? 2007-06-21
Hey, personally im a Manson fan, but i would like to hear who YOU mean is best!
whos ur favorite rock band? 2007-06-21
the heaviest and most famous rock bands
The ULTIMATE greatest song poll: 2nd gig(quarter-finals) 2007-06-22
we're down to the final 8 - choose wisely...
Iron Maiden Vs Judas Priest 2007-06-22
Which band do you think has better Music and was more influential on rock history
WAR of the bands! 2007-07-03
Finally, a decent band vs band poll. Vote for the greatest and see who emerges victorious!
Greatest Rock and Roll Songwriters 2007-07-03
This is a poll about people who weren't particularly known for their technical skills, but their ...
The Dream Theater Poll...2007 2007-07-20
This is an updated poll for the band Dream Theater. Created on 7/1/2007.