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Metalcore :: Deathmetal :: Nu Metal 2006-08-23
metal bands
Unfaithful by Rhianna 2006-08-24
Does your local radio station beep out the word "gun" in Unfaithful by Rhianna?
Nirvana Vs. Alice In Chains 2006-08-30
Nirvana Vs. Alice In Chains
best rap song, rapper and album ever. Plus discussion. 2006-08-31
This is mostly about the song piece. Ok I have narrowed it down to one song per rapper...now you ...
MUSIC whats your type? 2006-08-31
just a poll on your favourite music genre!!!
Who´s the better singer? 2006-09-08
Now, I would like to know who the better singer is...
Music Today 2006-09-29
Lately I have begun to worry that todays music scene is really going to hell, what do you think?
Sexy Singers 2006-10-02
this is just a random pole about sexy singers
Dr. Dre in the house 2006-10-04
the rap artist
Coldplay Vs Radiohead 2006-10-11
They are two of the most important bands of all time.But which one is better?
Red Hot Chili Peppers 2006-10-13
This poll is about the best song on the Stadium Arcadium Album.
Sousaphones or Tubas? 2006-10-13
What does your band march?
Led Zeppelin - Live Version 2006-10-13
This is a little chart about Led Zeppelin from my video in google video. http://video.google.it/...
perfect band 2006-10-19
make the perfect band by selecting the best people of the particular instrument
How heavy do you like music? 2006-10-20
How heavy do you like music?
Worst Song Of 2006 2006-10-25
You Choose!!!
the black eyed peas ultimate poll!! 2006-10-27
Nightwish 2006-10-27
Poll of power
Best Dragonforce Song!!? 2006-10-27
IRON MAIDEN 2006-10-27
Songs and Albums.
Does Music Today Have More Talented Artists? 2006-10-27
better artists today or a long time ago
Slipknot Vs. Razorlight (From a Personal Point of View) 2006-10-28
After a small debate about who is better, I decided to put this poll on here to find out whether ...
Pick Between 2 Bands Round 2 2006-10-30
Once again pick the band that you like more.
The complete heavy metal album poll. Final round. 2006-11-03
Vote for your favorite album. Cheat votes are not counted.
Avril Lavigne 2006-11-05
I am an Avril Lavigne fan myself, but all of my friends dislike her and say nobody likes her. Wha...