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How Much do u no Green Day?? 2005-12-31
so u think u no Green Day Really well... huh?? well lets see how much u no them??
blink 182 vs green day 2006-01-09
Who's better blink 182 or green day. Give your sentiment
Pop Band Battle 2006-01-09
Which pop band is the best
Wicked (duh, the musical) is awesome! 2006-01-09
so, he play wicked, it's pretty tight. now, what do you think?
Greatest Musicians of all Time!! 2006-01-18
This is a poll to detirmine the best musicians of all time, the top half will go on to the next r...
Christina and Britney 2006-01-29
Who is prettier? Who is a better singer? You decide.
Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz Vs. No More Tears 2006-01-29
This poll is about Ozzy's two best albums; Blizzard of Ozz and No More Tears
Have you ever herd of Hedley? 2006-02-02
just wondering how manny people have herd of this Canadian band..
hardcore/metal 2006-02-03
who do you like out there?
rappers and groups 2006-02-03
just vote aight
What is the best Led Zeppelin Album? 2006-02-07
Vote for the best Led Zeppelin Album
Music in the 2000s 2006-02-13
I am querying you for your opinion regarding the music of this decade and the direction in which ...
Rock Music 2006-02-13
BLACK METAL 2006-02-21
all hail true Black metal hehe...
Check your favorite Stars 2006-02-22
Vote for your favorites.
best singer of 2006 2006-02-26
It's about the real best singer not who looks the best.
National Anthems 2006-02-28
This is a simple poll about national anthems. Please when answering be non-biased. I'll know if y...
Battle of the singers 2006-02-28
If you had to pick from the following, who do you like more? Even if you hate them all, just pick...
Greatest Grunge Bands Ever (Including Post) 2006-03-05
This all all Sorts of Grunge Bands from, Nirvana, Melvins,and Mother Love Bone to Weezer,GodSmack...
you opinion on rap music 2006-03-07
ok just choose
Your Favorite Madonna's Song 2006-03-08
Vote on your favorite Madonna's Songs from 1983 to now!
Greatest Musicians of All Time Round 2!! 2006-03-13
vote for your favorites...the top half will go to round 3.
Your Favorite U2 Song and Album 2006-03-15
U2 is still one of if not THE biggest band in the world after 30 years. What is their best work?
The Best Type of Music 2006-03-17
What is your favorite type of music?
Celebrity Showdown 2006-03-22
Who would win in a singing battle?