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Favorite Female Singer 2004-07-26
Favorite Female Singer
Whos your favourite singer? 2004-07-26
Pick the singer who you think is the best in each catergory:
Pick Your Poison Poll 2004-07-29
Help us pick what we will be putting out.
Instruments 2004-08-02
What instruments do you like better?
Who is the best rapper of all time? 2004-08-05
who do u think is the best rapper?
Soad or AFI? 2004-08-12
choose which on you like better
Music Style 2004-08-13
What Music Do You Like?
Favorite Movie Soundtrack 2004-08-16
Vote On Which Movie Soundtrack You Like Best
Whats your favorite type of music 2004-08-17
I will list some types of music and you can pick your favorite okay sounds fun? yah? i thought so...
What Do You Think? 2004-08-29
Take A Vote!
Favorite LINDSAY LOHAN song 2004-08-29
tell me your favorite
Hallowed be thy name or stairway to heaven? 2004-09-01
These songs seem to win best song polls quite often,(personally i think both maiden and zeppelin ...
Punk Poll 2004-09-11
im a HUGE punk fan. take this to show how you feel on punk and who u like
American Strat 2004-09-13
Guitar Color Scheme
Celine Dion! Do you think she's a good singer? 2004-09-20
Tell me if you like her voice or hate her voice!
Battle Of the Duets : Battle One 2004-09-20
Ever seen two artists that is famous and both of 'em is really talented and sexy?? as they gotta ...
Best Song 2004-09-27
Rising Vacancy's Best song
Greatest Rock'n Roll voice of all time 2004-09-28
Here are my favorite rock'n roll singers of all time. Vote for who you pick as the best.
WHAT MUSIK DO U LIKE??? 2004-10-04
Music is cool and you should like it.
What Rock Instrument Do You Play? 2004-10-05
I couldn't find results for a similar poll anywhere so I thought I'd create my own poll. I'm t...
My Prerogative-Britney Spears video 2004-10-07
Tell me what ya think of this HOT COOL video.
Best Professional Band 2004-10-11
Best Professional Band
Music Tastes? 2004-10-11
Choose you favorite out of the following...
Hottest (male) Rock Star!! 2004-10-12
Just wondering who's the hottest male rock star ever, no matter if they're dead or alive
guns n roses 2004-10-12
what is guns n roses best song?