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All about rap 2003-05-06
General rap category
Favorite Bands By Genre of Music 2003-05-07
I give you the genre and several bands, you choose which one.
Madonna 2003-05-07
Which Madonna album is the best?
It's a Small World 2003-05-09
What are the right lyrics to the song?
Spice Girls 2003-05-11
Vote about Spice Girl stuff!
Best Diva 2003-05-13
Vote for the best diva.
Who is the Best Drummer 2003-05-14
I am a Drummer, Id like to know whoo do you thin is a better drummer?
Metal Music 2003-05-20
well...if you don't like metal music..you shouldn't be here....
What is the best music style? 2003-05-24
some people like POP (why o' why?) some loves rock and metal and some even like irish drinking so...
The Greatest Artists 2003-05-27
This poll determines on who's the best in the music scene.
ICONS vs LEGENDS 2003-05-28
Who are the true music kings,musics historical legends or musics modern icons
Who Do You Think Is The Real "Freestyle King"? 2003-05-28
There are alot of rappers out there who CLAIM that they are the real Freestyle King.But who is th...
The Speshy Beatles Poll 2003-05-28
There are already several Beatles polls floating around... Thought I'd add another, with some int...
The Ultimate Cliff Burton Poll 2003-06-05
The poll made especially for Cliff Burton fans.
Does Music Influemce the Individual 2003-06-05
This poll is mainly to figure out if the music we listen to either being rap, rock, pop, or jazz ...
Best Guitarist 2003-06-10
This is to help decide who is the best guitarist of all time...
Favorite Artist (vote) 2003-06-15
Select your Favorite Artist
Music keys and other things 2003-06-15
A poll to see if musicians like music for the key, and what instruments they like, and other thin...
Style Of Music 2003-06-15
Chose your personal preference
Best artists of the 90's 2003-06-19
In this poll, please give your opinion of the best music artists of the 1990's. Choose your 3 fa...
Greatest Rock N ROll Band 2003-06-25
Pick your 5 favorite Rock N Roll Bands.
~ Music Awards*~ 2003-07-08
Vote for your favorite artist in each Award category.
You & Music 2003-07-08
How do you feel about music?
whats your favoirte bands? 2003-07-08
self explanitory. pick a band mofo!
franzENTERTAINMENT's music awards 2003-07-12