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who music artist do you like more and who less? 2012-06-08
these are my top 5 music artists and i would like to know who do you think is the best and who do...
Vinyl Records and Record Players 2017-04-02
We wanted to discover how many people know, listen to and own vinyl records. We created this simp...
Battle of the Bands! 2001-04-26
Vote now, another version of this poll was located on my website, however it was set up in differ...
Your favourite rock act 2005-05-20
Your favourite rock act is
Who is/was the greatest entertainer of all time 2005-06-05
who was the best of the best
Best Solo Artist (All Decades) 2006-07-22
Who Is The Ultimate Solo Artist?
Rock Personalities 2007-07-22
Who's your favorite rock personality?
Elvis V.S. the Beatles 2008-06-16
who do you think is better take your pick!
all music poll 2008-08-12
All music
Best Bands Ever 2012-01-09
Help me decide who the best bands ever are
MUSIC LEGENDS 2013-10-28
Vote for the best legendary musicians & singers, in each category.
who the best musician 2002-04-15
Who do you thing is the best musician that ever lived.
Honest, who is the biggest music legend of all time? 2002-08-06
Is it hard or easy to choose..??
The No.1 Legend 2003-05-28
Who is The greatest legend in the music industry
What Is The Greatest Album Of All-Time? 2006-08-21
I've tried to include as many albums as possible if your favourite isn't there, click on the &qu...
The Best Artists
Favorite Instrument 2007-12-07
Favorite Instrument
Judas Priest Vs Megadeth 2009-02-28
this might be a dumb poll because alot of people will pick priest but megadeth is good too
Best songs from Seether's Isolate And Medicate 2016-09-23
Best songs from Seether's Isolate And Medicate
Music! 2001-07-26
Yet another music poll...
Sexy young singers beat the hell out of each other!!! 2003-07-24
Help decide over the next 2 months who would win a boxing tournament featuring these sexy singers.
whos the best 2004-01-07
pick the singer you think is best
Greatest artist of all time? 2007-07-22
Who is the greatest artist(s)/entertainer(s) ever?
the greatest 2012-02-22
the greatest
Pop Music Vs Rock Music 2002-11-03
Ever thought 'Hey wait a minute, pop music is crap'? or 'Hey wait a minute, why am i listening to...