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Whos A Better Singer...Christina Aguilera or Brittney Spears 2003-10-28
Whos A Better Singer...Christina Aguilera or Brittney Spears?
Nickelback Favourite Songs 2003-10-28
Tell us your favourite Nickelback song if it isnt on here just choose other and then send us an e...
Whats Your Favorite Dropkick Murphy Song 2003-11-04
Below are a bunch of DKM songs which is your favorite?
top 100 2003-11-04
pick you top 10
Greatest female singer of all time 2003-11-12
the greatest singer of all time from style to #1 hits and even the voice!!!
Who is cooler?
Most Overrated Hip-Hop Artist 2003-11-15
Some hip-hop artist get all the headlines...some of them deserve it while others don't. Talent is...
Are You Excited To Buy Britney's New Album? 2003-11-15
Britney Spears new album: "In The Zone" out November 18. ( I CAN'T WAIT TO BUY IT!!!!)
Sick of Hilary Duff 2003-11-24
Whose had enough Duff?
Best Rapper In The Game 2003-11-24
Who is the best rapper still making songs, who has the sickest beats and lyrics?
which type of music is the best 2003-11-24
my poll is about which type of music is better
fave singers round 4 2003-11-24
fourth round of fave singers... the results continue to surprise me
Karen Carpenter 2003-11-28
Karen died in 1983, but if she were still around today, do you think The Carpenters would still b...
Karen Carpenter Fans 2003-11-28
Are you a Karen Carpenter Fan?
Christmas Songs 2003-11-29
What's the best Christmas song OF ALL TIME???
Best Guitar Duo 2003-12-05
Pick the best guitar duo. (Only One)
>>> BLUE <<< *Lee, Dunc, Sy, Ant* >>> BLUE <<< 2003-12-09
Pool about boyband blue :-) Are you a true blue fan? If you are answer all the questions!! :-)
Would You Freestyle Battle Online, Risking Your Own Money? 2003-12-12
Title explains it
Nobody expects.....a poll about carols 2003-12-16
Hello, and welcome to my poll. woohoo. *cough* yes. SO it is about Christmas carols because I was...
Please Take " THE SANTA CLAUSE ROCK" Poll 2003-12-17
"The Santa Claus Rock" I learned this song at the old North Pole *********** Taug...
Favorite kind of music 2003-12-18
What kind of music do you like the most?
Smells Like Teen Spirit 2003-12-18
Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was one the music industry's biggest hits ever. Eve...
Your Music 2003-12-26
This poll is to find out about Music as a part of your life.
Best drummer of all time!!!! 2004-01-04
Who do you think is the best drummer/percussionist ever? Living or dead. We will span all genres.
Best "live" album of all time? 2004-01-04
What is your favorite of those listed?