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DOES Hip-Hop suck now? 2002-07-14
Many people say Hip-Hop has gone WAY downhill recently (some say it been doing that ever since th...
Greatest Rock Artist 2002-07-18
Pick the one artist you think is greatest
Hip Hop & R./B 2002-08-05
This poll is about hip hop and r&b artists
Various musicians/bands and other questions 2002-08-05
Have fun answering the questions!
What are your favourite guitars and guitarists? 2002-08-09
This poll is to find out the top guitarists and what guitars you play
Who is better? 2002-08-19
I want to know who you think is a better musical artist.
POSEURS 2002-08-26
Which of the following 80's metal bands would you consider "poseurs"?
Best Rock Star of All time 2002-09-04
well, here it is a list of the candidates of best rock star of all time... Axl Rose is mine.. the...
which of these rock bands do u hate the most 2002-09-04
silverchair fuel matchbox 20 stone temple pilots p.o.d you am i red hot chilli peppers kor...
Why do you use MP3 sharing software? 2002-09-04
I'm just a curious person wondering why people use MP3 sharing software, like Napster was and KaZ...
The Ultimate Sonic Youth Poll 2002-09-04
This poll will ask questions about all things Sonic Youth.
Help Pick Our Instruments! 2002-09-05
Pick your favorite. Pick a few if you like.
Yngwie malmsteen vs. Joe satriani 2002-09-10
well these are what i think two of the greatest guitarists ever. so let's see who do u find bette...
Metallica poll 2002-09-15
Metallica - the succesors of Black Sabbath, and one of the best rock bands, if not the best, ever...
METALLICA vs. SLAYER 2002-09-25
Who was the best thrash band of the 80s?
Reverand Maynard vs. Jonathan Davis 2002-10-01
who do you think is a more talented frontman, Lyricly and Musically, Jonathan Davis or the Revera...
SHAKIRA!!! 2002-10-03
Best rapper ever! 2002-10-03
Which rapper is the best?
Punk Music 2002-10-09
Which is the best punk band?
Iron Maiden Poll 2002-10-09
Poll about Iron Maiden
Eddie vedder vs. Reverand Maynard 2002-10-09
who do you feel is the better singer, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam or the Reverand Maynard of Tool?
who is the best rapper? 2002-10-17
if there any i forgot about tell me and i will add then next poll i make
Rap Music 2002-10-17
Rap Music
Richard and Mimi Farina 2002-10-20
A poll for fans of Mimi and Richard Farina, the great folk-rock duo.
Best Guitar Song 2002-10-22
What is the greatest guitar song of all time