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Ludacrisss 2002-02-14
wus yo fav ludacris song
Best classis rock band of all time 2002-02-18
This poll is your chance to vote for the best classic rock band ever, from the list below
Your favorites about O-Town!! 2002-02-18
Hi! We all know who O-Town is (or should, if you watch MTV or listen to radio), so I just had a ...
Musical artists, better on drugs? 2002-02-22
Do you think bands such as STP and RHCP were better when they were doped on on drugs?
music 2002-03-14
this poll is all about music and what u think of songs......
Favorite U2 album 2002-03-14
The Best U2 Album is...
Fav Rock Groups 2002-03-19
We all have our favourite music groups; Weather they are pop, rap, rock, and any other type. Wh...
Pink Floyd 2002-03-19
A few questions about Pink Floyd in the 21st century...
The Worlds Greatest Music Poll 2002-03-19
This poll is all about the worlds greatest musicians.
What's your favorite Band? 2002-03-19
Which one of these do you like best?
best sad rock music 2002-04-01
this is a poll which shows sad music from famous rock stars
Music shops 2002-04-01
Just wondering how strong company loyalty is when it comes to CD shopping
Glam Rock 2002-04-09
What do most people know about glam rock?
Censorship in music 2002-04-09
This poll is for my sociology class. I am trying to find out what other people think about the u...
Music of 2001-2002 2002-04-09
What are favs of 2001-2002
GUITAR CRAZY - Guitar Poll 2002-04-09
I want to find out what sort of guitars people enjoy playing the most
Should Michael Jackson leave Sony? 2002-04-15
You may all be aware of rumors that Michael Jackson and Sony are not exactly in the best of terms...
Favourite punk-pop band 2002-04-15
Pick your favourites!
Vote on the best music genre 2002-04-15
Everybody is arguing on the best music genre. "rock rules" "pop is great" ...
Poll #1 2002-04-15
This is a poll about fun singers and songs.
Who is the best rock band past or present 2002-04-22
Best rock band ever!
What is the worst band/singer? 2002-04-22
Most overrated (and self-absorbed) band or artist 2002-04-22
There are a lot of overated music acts out there.
What is the best type of music? 2002-04-22
vote now!!!!
YOUR BAND 2002-04-22
What is YOUR band about?