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The best music group out there 2001-12-04
MY poll is a discussion on what people think is the best music group/singer out there. It will b...
Who's the best rapper? 2001-12-08
Who is the greatest of all time???
Best Violinist? 2001-12-13
There are a lot of incredible violin artists out there, so i just wanted to see who ppl liked bes...
Diva Poll 2001-12-23
A poll on the Divas of music
What do you like most about Orgy? 2001-12-31
Favorite Timeless Song 2002-01-07
This is a chance for you to voice your opinion on your favorite Timeless song!
Best Rock'n'Roll Album of all time 2002-01-14
Which is the best rock'n'roll album of all time?
Boy Bands 2002-01-14
Boy Band Poll
WhO's HoT n WhO's NoT?!? 2002-01-14
Who do u think is hotter??
So... How about that Shakira? 2002-01-14
Well, I think any regular (or irregular, for that matter) reader of this little diary already kno...
Canadian Classic Rock 2002-01-14
The Canadian Classic Rock Page is the original dedication to Canadian Classic Rock music and arti...
Best Band of all time 2002-02-04
Who is the best band of all time?
The Ultimate Destiny's Child Poll 2002-02-05
A poll about the greatest R'n'B group ever!
Dream concert 2002-02-06
You have a choice to go to one of the all-star lineup concerts listed below, but you can only cho...
Metal and shred guitarist poll 2002-02-06
The best guitarist debate will never come to an end, but it's fun seeing the results of polls lik...
Cubase Beat Contest 1 2002-02-06
Vote for your favorite Beat/Artist ONE time. If you vote more thn once, ALL of your votes will be...
Your favorite BSB 2002-02-06
Just pick one. :p
Who Sucks Harder? 2002-02-11
I'll present you with pairs of 'musicians' and bands that suck. All you have to do is tell me, i...
Favourite Tori Amos album? 2002-02-12
Here's your chance to select your favourite Tori album. YAY
Ludacrisss 2002-02-14
wus yo fav ludacris song
Best classis rock band of all time 2002-02-18
This poll is your chance to vote for the best classic rock band ever, from the list below
Your favorites about O-Town!! 2002-02-18
Hi! We all know who O-Town is (or should, if you watch MTV or listen to radio), so I just had a ...
Musical artists, better on drugs? 2002-02-22
Do you think bands such as STP and RHCP were better when they were doped on on drugs?
music 2002-03-14
this poll is all about music and what u think of songs......
Favorite U2 album 2002-03-14
The Best U2 Album is...