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Most Overrated Singer 2007-06-15
You Choose!!
Perceptions of metal (non-metalheads feel free to vote) 2007-06-15
What the title says really.
Best Maroon 5 Song/Album 2007-06-21
Trying to find out the most popular songs by Maroon 5
10 best Metal albums ever 2007-06-25
The following albums are the results of countless polls of metalheads around the globe voting the...
Ultimate Girl Group 2007-07-04
who would you put in your ultimate girl group?
80's Metal Poll 2007-07-22
Best of the 80's Rock N' Roll Bands you decide who is the best
Best Band ever? 2007-08-10
Whose Better? 2007-08-14
You Choose!!!
The Newest "Greatest Band of all Time" Tournament: Round 2 2007-08-16
Since three of the last poll's entries ended up in a 50/50, I've left the decisions to a random t...
PF vs LZ 2007-08-20
Pink Floyd vs Led Zeppelin...Simple, yet so complicated =]
Which BackStreet Boy is best? 2007-08-23
Who's your favourite? Will it be Nick, Brian, Aj, Howie or Kevin who takes the final crown? Vote ...
Kanye West vs 50 Cent 2007-10-02
Who's the better rapper?
The Newest "Greatest Band of All Time" Tournament: Final 2007-12-04
This is it, the votes have narrowed the contestants down to two bands. Here they are:
Best Metallica 2007-12-06
A poll to find the best (and worst) of Metallica.
Greatest Metal Band 2007-12-11
Greatest Metal Band
David Bowie 2007-12-20
The title speaks for itself
Pink Floyd vs The Spice Girls 2007-12-27
Who is more popular, Pink Floyd or The Spice Girls?
Black Sabbath 2007-12-30
some general questions for Sabbath fans
Best Metal Band 2008-01-07
This is poll to see which is the best metal band from every subgenre and which is the best metal ...
battle o' the bands 2008-01-20
compare popular rock bands
Aphex Twin - Which Album Is Best? 2008-01-20
This is a poll for anyone who enjoys Aphex Twin's music and is familiar with his catalogue.
Steely Dan 2008-03-01
What are your favorite Steely Dan songs? Vote for as many as you like. Also, what's your favori...
Old Linkin Park vs New Linkin Park 2008-03-09
I really liked linkin park until Minutes to midnight came out. I think linkin park's old music is...
Rock - best and worst 2008-03-11
What types of rock music do you like best? (try to pick less than 6)
Limp Bizkit vs Linkin Park 2008-03-11
There is probably three polls like this, I think if you answer this one, then also go answer the ...